Be A Video Star!

Have you ever gone fishing and wished someone caught you making that catch of a lifetime?  Are you taking out your son/daughter/spouse/dad etc. and want to have a video record of your day without the hassle of bringing out the necessary equipment?  Do you have a company charter and want to make a video to commemorate the day?  Do you want to just enjoy the day yourself and want someone to do it for you?  Do you own a boat/charter and want a video for marketing purposes?  If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you should consider my video services.

I will come on the boat with you, film your day, then edit and post your video to YouTube.  I am starting this service at the introductory price of $200 per day and you may need to pay my fare to ride the boat (many of the boats comp me to come out, so you might not have to pay my fare).  After the trip is over, I will cut the raw video, add music, and publish it to YouTube so you can show it off to all your friends (Like!).

Contact me at to check my availability and sort out the details.

Here are some examples of my work:

With angler Mat Trevors from Fredericton in New Brunswick Canada.  Mat was on the trip of a lifetime in Guatemala.  It was his dream to catch a sailfish on the fly.  I captured his triumph on video

Just one of my standard weekend trips with my own kids, but a nice contrast to Mat’s video to show that it doesn’t have to be an epic trip doing exotic fishing to make a great video memory.


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