SoCal Salty Merchandise

I’m blowing out the last few of these hats for $15 which includes free shipping in the continental US!!!  Hurry before they’re all gone!

The newest (and only so far) merchandise is the Lucky Yellowtail cap. The design was created in conjunction with Dom Castagnola of Casta Designs.  Dom comes from a long line of San Diego fishermen.  I first encountered his designs at the 2011 Fred Hall Show in Del Mar.  In addition to the his art appearing on tshirts and hats, Dom does a lot of design work seen on the websites and marketing materials of many of the boats I fish on.  Dom’s unique style brings to life the sights that me and my buddies enjoy as SoCal Salties.

SoCal Salty Lucky Yellowtail Logo Cap

The hat features the SoCal Salty yellowtail logo on the front, with SoCal Salty printed along the band area in back.  The yellowtail is in my opinion, the #1 saltwater fish in Southern California.  It can be caught on half and 3/4 day boats making it one of the most accessible fish to every angler.  Sometimes you get lucky, but usually it requires a great deal of skill to land this awesome fish.  You’ll know you were in a fight.  Once landed, you’ll be treated to one of the best eating fish we catch here.

It’s also a LUCKY HAT!  I appeared in the print edition Western Outdoor News (April 24, 2012) with a yellowtail I caught while wearing this cap, and Jimmy Bass appeared online with a 16lb ling he caught while wearing it.  You could be next!

The hat is a full head cover design, like a sized hat, but the FlexFit band creates a comfortable fit.  The logo and lettering are against a dark navy background.  It comes in 2 sizes: Small/Medium and Large/XL.  To order, send me a note at and let me know the size you’d like.  They cost $25 which includes free shipping in the United States.

Deckhand Chris and Capt. John sport the Salty cap on my home boat, the New Del Mar

Chris shows off the back of the hat

Chris Stell aka SoCal Freshy

Caught Apr 18, 2012 on the San Diego


  1. The HAT is lucky; it’s going on the overnight. Beginner’s luck+hat should= 8 out of 10.

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