Gear Lineup

EDITORIAL NOTE this post was originally published in January of 2011.  Interesting to compare what I used back then to what I’m using now in 2012.

I mentioned my “inshore” rig in my first Sculpin post.

It was a Shimano Trinidad 12 (old school gold one), on my Seeker 196 8ft pole.  I needed to get the Trinidad serviced (kayak dunkings did it in), and a Torium 16 has replaced the Trinidad.  I can cast the Torium just as easily as the Trinidad, but I feel like it gives me some extra muscle and a lot more line capacity…just in case.   The Trinidad will find it’s way onto another light pole and may end up as a backup for half day trips.

This is the gear I mentioned in my Baja Trip Report 12/31/10

  • Heavy: Accurate 665H with 80# braid on a Seeker 7′ 6470
  • Medium: Penn International 12H with 25# mono on G Loomis 7′ Pelagic Series (probably upgrade the line to 40 or 50# Ande mono for an upcoming overnight rockfish expedition to Baja)
  • Light: Shimano Torium 16 with 30#/15# braid/fluoro combo on an 8′ Seeker 196

This is Jake’s Sculpin Slaying Rig (nice for bass too)

  • 6 ft Calstar West Coast 195
  • Shimano Trinidad 12 with 30# green Power Pro and 15# Silver Thread topshot

I have some other equipment, some really nice, some pretty so-so, but above is my current lineup.  I feel like it gives me everything I need, short of a long range tuna or billfish trip.  Even then, if I swapped out the Accurate reel and put it on the short 100# class Seeker I have, that probably puts me in decent shape.  I also have a cheapie Bass Pro baitcasting pole, 7’6″ and 2 piece, that I love for kayak fishing.  It has the extra length to maneuver the line around the boat, but still has good backbone if I happen to get lucky.

I’m an incessant tweeker though and I’m sure things will change and evolve.

I’m trying to figure out now, what equipment to use for a surf setup as I plan to do some surf fishing while waiting for Spring.  Would love your suggestions.


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