Posted by: socalsalty | July 1, 2013

The End Of SoCal Salty

June was the biggest month ever in the history of this website.  Thanks to all of you who have taken time out of your day to read these pages.  It’s been a great ride.  In the 2.5 years since I started the blog, I’ve met some great people, had some amazing times, and learned a tremendous amount of information.  One of the deckhands I fish with said, “You’ve gone from a half day hack, to knowing things that only a handful of people ever learn, and writing for a major outdoor publication (referring to my recent articles in Western Outdoor News).”

I hope my journey has inspired some of you to get out on the water, hopefully have success and enjoy your time out there.  When I started fishing here in SoCal, I was fascinated by how there were always some anglers on the boat who consistently caught more fish.  I’ve learned that a myriad of small details add up to being one of those guys.  I’m not there, but I’ve come a LONG way.

Thank you to all the captains, crews, landing personnel, manufacturers, and fellow anglers who have contributed to this journey.  Most of all, thank you to you readers who have inspired me to share what I’ve learned.  Never fear though, I’ll be shutting down this site, but Salty will live on at the new SoCal Salty website (  We’ve got a lot of great stuff in store for you in the coming weeks…I’ll be going to ICAST, the annual tackle extravaganza where all the new stuff is introduced.  I’ll share what I learned on my visit to the Seeker Rods factory, and our offshore season is just getting started.  Please bookmark the new site.  See you over at the new SoCal Salty.  Tight lines!

Tuna Time!

Tuna Time!



  1. Great fishing, I also love fishing, I live at Herradura Costa Rica, here we are just 2 km from the Los Suenos Resort

    • Thanks Aron. The blog continues on at

  2. I thought you were gone. Thanks for letting us know about the new site..

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