Posted by: socalsalty | June 6, 2013

Top Ten Update: Caught A Ghost


I sleep-fished to catch this fish, waking at 2 for a 4am ride

Well, it wasn’t the slob that I would consider Extra Salty…just a schoolie sized fish maybe 16-18 lbs., but I will definitely take it.  I caught it yesterday on the Aloha Spirit out of Channel Islands Sportfishing.  The white seabass is one of the most elusive fish that we catch here in Southern California, which earned it one of it’s nicknames, the Grey Ghost (aka wsb, seabiscuit or just biscuit for short).  It’s also one of the tastiest.  It has a firm, white meat that has almost a sweet quality to it.  I like to prepare it simply by just brushing it with olive oil, salt and pepper and grilling it, which is what me and the kids will be doing this weekend 🙂

White Seabass is #3 on my Top 10 of SoCal fish (salty ones).  Last year, it took 7 trips to cross this fish off.  This year only 3!  All that’s left now on the list is a ling cod…I can’t believe I haven’t caught one yet (caught one in January, but out of season), but it shouldn’t be hard.  Tuna, which are now about 175 miles out from San Diego (~ 3 day range), so just around the corner.  And then that damn sheephead.  I hope it doesn’t take until the last day of the season like last year to get a nice black and red specimen.  Stay tuned.


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