Posted by: socalsalty | May 19, 2013

Trip Report: Saturday PM Ride On The New Del Mar

Fin Bait!!!

Fin Bait!!!

Quick trip report…took the kids out yesterday on the New Del Mar out of Marina Del Rey Sportfishing.  Regular crew onboard…Capt. Danny driving, Vic, Eric and Julian on deck, and Dale on the grill.  For the first time in a long time, they had fin bait…oversized sardines and pinner anchovies, but still.  Going out, I had high hopes that there would be an opportunity to finally cross a ling off my Top 10 for the year.

There were about 40 anglers on the boat.  Rick has a deal running on Travel Zoo, so there were a lot of rent rodders onboard.  As a result, on the first couple spots of the day, Capt. Danny focused on putting some fish in the sacks.  The advice was to go double dropper with 8 oz. of weight.  Light gauge hooks, couple pinner choves, and work it 10-15 cranks off the bottom.  A couple bocaccio (grouper salmon as one of the rent rodders called them) came over the rail, but mostly belindas, starries and other smaller rockfish.  Me and Jake put a half dozen or so in the sack before we decided to just go big and work the bottom for hopefully a ling.

Once Danny was satisfied that everyone had enjoyed catching fish and had some in their sacks, he hit a rocky spot that had been consistently holding some prized lings.  Immediately, a woman to my right, hooked into something big and sure enough it was a ling.

She had a great day.  She ended up getting another one.  Regular Jeff Lerma got one on the port corner on the other side of the lucky girl.  The angler to my immediate left got  another one.  And then a big beautiful one caught by an angler at the starboard corner ended up taking jackpot (red visor in the pic below).  Lings all across the stern where I was fishing, but luck wasn’t with me on Saturday.  I guess I used up my fishing luck for awhile last week.  Five lings though on a halfie.  Definitely a solid trip.


*EDITORIAL NOTE – Sunday the New Del Mar got 33 lings combined on the morning and afternoon rides.

Juj hoists the JP ling with deckhand Eric Ullman

Juj hoists the JP ling with deckhand Eric Ullman


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