Posted by: socalsalty | May 13, 2013

Top 10 Update: 1st Cuda Of 2013

1st cuda of 2013

1st cuda of 2013

I know you’re looking for the Trip Report from yesterday, but I got back too late from San Diego on Sunday, so this is what you’re getting for Monday.  I rode the The San Diego out of Seaforth Landing  yesterday.  Although the focus and excitement for the trip was all about yellowtail, it is worth mentioning that I got my first cuda of the year.  It wasn’t on surface iron, it came on a flylined sardine which kind of sucks.  You’re out there hoping for a big yellow to bite.  You get the bite, but it isn’t the hard pull you expect from a yellow.  It comes in too fast and too easily.  You’re hoping that maybe it’s just a junior sized yellow, but then you see color and your hunch is confirmed.

The barracuda is important though because it signals a change.  You only see them once the water gets over 60 degrees.  Their appearance is the start of Summer for us SoCal anglers.  Once they are in the mix of predators, you often see a more aggressive and consistent yellowtail bite too because they (the yellows) have to compete with these toothy fish for the bait fish out there that makes up their diet.  Further north, white seabass can often be found lurking below the barracuda…picking up an easy meal off the scraps falling down after a cuda attack.  And, it’s just fun to throw surface iron on cuda after a couple months of packing heavy lead for rockfishing!

I predicted we’d see them in Santa Monica Bay the Tuesday after Mother’s Day which is tomorrow.  We’ll see if that plays out, but in the meantime I take a little satisfaction from knocking #7 off the Top 10 list for the year.


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