Posted by: socalsalty | May 5, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up: Cinco de Mayo Edition

Photo courtesy Aloha Spirit

Photo courtesy Aloha Spirit

Seabass Up North

Crazy week we had of fishing here in Southern California.  The week began with a bang up north where out of nowhere on Monday some seabass were caught.  It wasn’t just one or two boats finding a couple, it was 2 boats, the Aloha Spirit and the Mirage (both out of Channel Islands Sportfishing) LIMITING OUT with 24 and 29 seabass respectively.  And not only were the numbers eye popping, but the fish were a really nice grade too…one caught May 1st was over 51 lbs.  The numbers dropped off over the course of the week as the boat pressure mounted, but even a half day boat, the Speed Twin, scored a couple on Friday.  Weather moved in and killed the bite, but things will settle out and I’m sure the elusive ghosts will be found again.

Best Halfie Ever?

Meanwhile, further south down the coast, a most unusual of catches occurred.  Capt. Jeff Patrick of the Western Pride (out of Davey’s Locker) wasn’t driving the boat on Wednesday.  He was just another one of the anglers on the boat.  But Wednesday was a day unlike any other.  Capt. Jeff hooked into a 125 lb. opah.  The opah is a very rare catch as it is, but unheard of on a half day boat.  Typically, they are only caught on boats that are out tuna fishing offshore.  Angler Paul Rodriguez Jr. was on the boat and got this shot.

125 lb. Opah on the Western Pride

125 lb. Opah on the Western Pride

Clemente Island Is Poppin’!

Freedom Sportfishing is stringing together consistent trips scoring the exotics.  They’re leaving with live sardines and making squid when they get out to the islands.  Tuesday, Capt. Tommy Lee took out 27 anglers on an overnight to fish Clemente May 1st.  They scored 1 yellowtail, 1 white seabass and 3 halibut.  Saturday’s trip yielded 9 yellowtail and a 300 lb thresher shark!

Meanwhile, Down In San Diego

It’s still the same one day on, most days off pattern for the yellowtail by the Coronados Islands.  The 3/4 boats are seeing a lot of fish, but it’s anyone’s guess what day they’ll bite.  Wednesday, the San Diego caught 10 big forks.  Capt. Ryan Bostian says the fish are being scored up top on a flylined sardine on 25lb test, and that you’ll help your cause adding 3-5 feet of fluorocarbon leader.  Weather moved in by the weekend, but they still managed to catch 5 in really sloppy conditions Saturday before canceling the Sunday trip.

Photo courtesy San Diego Sportfishing

Photo courtesy San Diego Sportfishing

This weather is supposed to settle out Tuesday.  The water is over 60 degrees on our whole SoCal coast.  We’ll probably see some nice scores again by midweek this week.  Keep up to date with the latest news from the sportboats via our facebook page.  Tight lines!

EDITORIAL NOTE: As I was hitting publish on this post, saw a pic from one of our favorite half day boats, the New Del Mar.  They caught a king salmon on Sunday!  Crazy week indeed…

King Salmon on the NDM

King Salmon on the NDM

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