Posted by: socalsalty | April 8, 2013

Trip Report: Enterprise 3/4 Day Saturday

Pre-dawn LB Marina

Pre-dawn LB Marina

Saturday morning, me and the kids got an early start and made our way down to Long Beach Marina to ride the Enterprise.  Capt. Andrew Siratt had the day off, but the rest of the regular crew was there, David and Sheila in the galley, and Austin (Hollywood) and Matt were on deck.  Capt. Frank Savino was filling in at the wheel.  As it’s been everywhere but San Diego, issues with bait…we left the dock with box squid and a handful of sardines.

Gulp scully

Gulp scully

We headed northwest and stopped in about 250 feet of water, just over an hour out of the marina.  Pretty deep, but we anchored up to fish sculpin.  I rigged up Juj and I with the standard sculpin rig…long dropper loop almost dropping down to the level of the weight.  I put a bullet leadhead with a pink/white Gulp grubtail on the business end.  Jake rigged the same way, but chose to go with a yellow flake split tail plastic.  Capt. Frank needed to reset a couple times, but once he got on the rock, it was good.  Good enough that we didn’t even need the squid and picked them off on the plastic alone.  I got into double digits before the boat limited out and we made a move.

On the move, Jake enjoyed one of David’s famous beef quesadillas.  We drove about an hour south.  On the move, I re-rigged Juj and I with the standard double dropper.  Jake decided to play with a butterfly jig, but couldn’t get any fish to play.  He eventually joined us on the conventional rig.  We worked a series of stones.  A few nice reds hit the deck, but it was scratchy.  For anglers working mid-column, a mix of bocaccio, belindas, barberpoles, honeycombs and the like made their way into sacks.  I tried to work a ‘dine on the bottom to see if I could get a ling to play, but no takers.  I saw one short for the boat.  At least my lucky streak on the flea cod continued 😉  Only 3 reds and a honeycomb made it into our bag.

We made one more move closer in and worked some shallower spots (120-140 feet) to try for whitefish and sheephead.  The boat got several whitefish and a pinkie sheephead (at least it wasn’t mine) to end the day.  Tough second half of the day.  My biggest sculpin was in the mix at the end for jackpot, but one of the nicer reds took the prize.  We went into the day expecting a blowy, overcast day, but the sun came out and we enjoyed calm seas.  And we had some fun with an octopus (video below).  Thanks to Capt. Frank and the crew of the Enterprise for a good day on the water.  Tight lines!

Jake shows off our bigs

Jake shows off our bigs

New Video: Octopus Attacks!


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