Posted by: socalsalty | March 28, 2013

Secret Salty: In Search Of A 10 lb. Red

Mystery Boat...The Redondo Special

Mystery Boat…The Redondo Special

A couple weeks ago, a friend of mine rode midweek on the Redondo Special, the half day boat at Redondo Sportfishing.  He texted me back after the trip and said there were some 8-10 lb. reds caught on the trip.  When Jake appeared in Western Outdoor News, that was only a 6 and that was a massive fish.  “Get a pic?”  No.  I call BS.  If you saw a 10 lb. red on a boat…even if you didn’t catch it yourself…wouldn’t you take a pic?

The next day I was chatting about it with some of the other salties on facebook.  “You guys hear anything about a 10 lb. red on the Redondo Special?”  They’d heard some scuttlebutt too, but no pics and nothing out there from any “official” source.  Hmmm…very odd.

A couple days later, one of the guys was asking me for a boat recommendation as he wanted to play hooky from work that coming Friday.  “Why don’t you ride the Special?  Heard they caught a 10 lb. red. ”  Well, he did…here’s what he told me about the ride…

Secret Salty Report

I got there at roughly 6:45 and quickly boarded the boat. There were 25 people onboard, so we all had room to fish the entire boat.  I setup on the starboard side and grabbed a seat.  Roughly 45 minutes and we were on the first spot to get some fish.  A few small assorted rockfish came up, but after about 15 minutes the chunky Starry Eyes (starry rockfish) wanted to come out and play!  We stayed at this first hard bottom spot for about 30 minutes and pulled some good fish including a few Salmon Grouper and some smaller Reds.  (Note, he said “smaller reds”)

After that we motored around to another set of stones, same game plan essentially – a double dropper loop with either your choice of mackerel or squid. The squid did seem to out perform the mackerel.  We did quite a bit of fishing in the 200-250 feet range.  It seemed the key to getting bit was getting both droppers as close to the bottom as possible.

We repeated this pattern several times and the majority of the people on the boat got limits of decent sized fish.  Although there weren’t many huge fish (again),  there were many decently sized fish that came over the rail in the 1 to 2 pound range.  Just about everyone got limits or near them.  While it wasn’t a completely wide open trip, we did stay on top of the fish.  The captain and crew were absolutely amazing and did their best to not only keep us taken care of, but make sure that we all had bait and were not struggling with anything.  The crew of the Redondo Special truly have a solid program aboard the boat.

The bags seemed to consist of Bank Perch (aka belindas), Starry Eyes, Vermillions, and other random rockfish.  The fishing was incredibly good and we were lucky to have minimal swells as soon as we got to the fishing grounds.  Overall, I am pleased with the boat and the experience.  Although it isn’t the nicest looking half day boat, it does make up for it with a great crew and absolutely top notch fishing.  Having gotten limits that quickly and that easily, I may have to make Redondo my home landing now!

OK, but what about that 10 lb. red?

So he had a good ride.  Always good to hear.  I’ve ridden the Special a few times…Capt. Eric Hobday is a solid skipper for sure.  What about that big red?  Well, I finally saw a pic.  I don’t know.  It’s a nice fish, but his hands seem pretty far out.  The 10 lb-ers may be out there.  Even if they aren’t though, it’s still a solid option for a halfie.  I may have to give it a shot and see for myself.  Tight lines!



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