Posted by: socalsalty | March 18, 2013

Day In Pics: Sunday PM On The New Del Mar

Here comes the New Del Mar

Here comes the New Del Mar

Had a nice afternoon ride with the kids on the New Del Mar.  It’d been awhile since we’d been out, so it was nice to see the crew and regulars on the boat.  Capt. Danny was driving, Big Vic and Eric ran the deck.  Dale was holding it down in the galley.

Turned out that Capt. Danny brought his family onboard, so Juliana was able to see Tessa again.  They had a great time helping Dale decorate the galley for St. Patty’s Day.

Fishing-wise, Jake and I both got 4 nice reds right away, so we tried to go big looking for a ling the rest of the afternoon.  Juj didn’t get a line wet all day.  Jake and I culled a nice bag after it was all said and done…lots of 1-2 lb reds, some bigger starries, a chuckie, and a nice sole.  They got a ling on the morning ride, but nada on the afternoon trip.  Hacker took jackpot with a decent size bocaccio…overall nice fishing.  More than anything, it was just nice to hang out and enjoy a day on the water.


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