Posted by: socalsalty | February 27, 2013

Guest Post on Fish Mantra

I did a little beginner’s primer on rockfishing for the Fish Mantra site. Please check it out

Driftwood Caravan Outdoors

Here’s a great little article on a  salty Southern California winter time fishing tradition. This article, written by our friend Joe Sarmiento, covers the basic techniques on the fun, tasty and rewarding experience known as rockfishing. Read up and go catch a boat!

Hi, my name is Joe Sarmiento.  I write a blog called SoCal Salty  about saltwater fishing here in Southern California. It is my online diary about the various fish caught here and how to be proficient catching them.
Rockfishing was the first style of fishing here where I was able to pick up a respectable level of skill.  It’s a little easier and less intense than some of the other fishing we do.  It’s a good entry point if you haven’t gone “deep sea fishing” before.  It is very accessible to novice saltwater anglers and it is very rewarding.  You can catch some really big and tasty…

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