Posted by: socalsalty | February 7, 2013

The Maturation Of A Young Angler

2 weeks ago

2 weeks ago

As I mentioned before, the kids and I went out last Sunday and rode the Native Sun.  Jake had seen my halibut, enjoyed my cooking of it and wanted to get one of his own.  I explained to him that with all of the fish in the top half of the Top 10, you get lucky sometimes, but you fail a lot too.  I laid it out for him that a good day was the boat would get 3 or 4 fish for 20+ people.  He was undeterred.  “I want to go Dad.”  Ok then, we’re going.

Saturday night I rigged up our poles and had everything ready for Sunday.  The next morning, I got up and made breakfast while the kids got ready.  Usually, I need to constantly peak in and keep them on task if I hope to get out and to the boat on time…not Sunday.  He was up and ready to go and helping his sister.

The kids liked the boat

The kids liked the boat

We got out to the boat and I introduced the kids to the crew.  Capt. Gabriel Ceballos was driving.  Andy was on deck (mentoring a pinhead who’s name I didn’t catch).  Erika was running the galley.  We motored away from the landing and headed toward the bait dock.  The kids were as impressed with the boat as I initially was a couple weeks ago.  Funny how at 12 and 6 they already have strong opinions about what they like and don’t like about a sportfishing boat.  We eventually got to the bait dock and loaded bait.  This time it was almost all big sardines 😦

It didn’t matter to me.  I was already in the Top 25 and just looking to get a bigger fish.  With the kids though, I told Jake to look for  the smaller ones when he baited up.  He was diligent about trying to find smaller, lively fish throughout the trip.  He changed his baits out often.  He tried nose hooking, collar hooking, and hypothesized to me why he thought butt hooking might be a good idea.  As the day progressed, the current got progressively stronger, so we made adjustments on the amount of weight we were using.

You're growing up kid

You’re growing up kid

Long story short, he fished hard.  Other than a small break he took toward the end of the day, he was out at the rail trying to make something happen.  Unfortunately for us (and for the rest of the boat) the only halibut caught were 2 shorts.  He wasn’t upset though.  We all get skunked sometimes, especially when you go on a specific species trip like this one.  He just accepted the fact that Sunday wasn’t our day.  It wasn’t always this way with Jake.  Heck, I’ve see grown men act less mature when the fish aren’t biting.  One of the anglers even told me as we were headed home, “Your kids are really well behaved.”  I smiled a big smile and thanked him.

I’m proud of you buddy.  It will happen and it will be that much sweeter when it does.  Tight lines!


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