Posted by: socalsalty | January 29, 2013

Gear Review: Captain Knolls Fisherman’s Soap

Fisherman's Formula Soap

Fisherman’s Formula Soap

Awhile back I was contacted by Kelly at Captain Knolls“Hey Salty, would you be interested in reviewing our products?”  I don’t know, what do you got?  I took a look at their site and the soap caught my eye.  I had long since run out of the free samples of fish soap from Fred Hall last year.  “Sure, that soap sounds interesting.”

The next week, they sent me out their Triple Play pack of the soap, the spf lip balm, and sunscreen.  Thanks!

The Triple Play

The Triple Play

The following week, I went out and got into the Humboldt Squid.  The next weekend, I caught the halibut on the Native Sun.  After the trip, we got off the boat to take pictures for Pot of Gold.  They snapped the  shot and Capt. Jim asked me if I wanted to come back on the boat to cut the fish.  I wanted the carcass for fish stock, so I just took the halibut home whole.

After both times, I had a lot of fish processing on my hands (literally).  Cleaning, cutting, fileting, bagging, prepping, cooking…lots of handling.  When I’m processing fish, I clean my hands a lot.  I don’t have a ton of space, so I have to clean as I go.  Deal with the guts, clean my hands to bag up the filets with the vacuum sealer.  Start over on another batch.

Just a little grit

Just a little grit

Usually what happens is my hands get dried out, and then they stink when I’m done.  I wipe them with lime to remove the smell, but that only makes the dryness worse.  Not this time though.  The soap has a pleasant anise (black licorice) smell.  It didn’t dry out my hands either.  There’s also a fine grit to the soap to which I found especially beneficial when I was cutting the squid.  Those thin, sticky membranes really stick to you and the grit in the soap worked nicely to get it all off.

I keep the soap by the sink in my kitchen prep area.  When I’m cooking, after I cut and am ready to start cooking, I’ll dab a little on my wet fingers and do a quick rinse before I start prepping the other ingredients.  It’s great.  It even leaves a pleasant smell in the kitchen.  I like it.  Recommended.


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