Posted by: socalsalty | December 10, 2012

Trip Report: Saturday AM On New Del Mar

Tessa and Juj aboard the New Del Mar

Tessa and Juj aboard the New Del Mar

Ahhhh…I needed that.  Saturday morning the kids and I made it out to Marina del Rey to ride the home boat.  It had been a couple weeks since I’d gotten out when I took the kids down to San Diego.  Only two weeks, but given everything that’s been going on (outside of fishing), it seemed like an eternity.  It felt good to see the regulars on the boat and the crew.  Vic, Eric and Julian were on deck.  Dale was in the galley.  Capt. Danny was driving and he brought his daughter Tessa.  Tessa and Juliana became fast friends.

Nice one Juj!

Nice one Juj!

We started out in about 230 feet of water, roughly 45 minutes out of the harbor.  It was foggy and a little chilly, but the sea was calm.  Jake, Juj and I were setup by the gate on the starboard side.  We had live squid and the 3 of us were fishing standard dropper loops.

Almost immediately, our buddies Eric and Juanito hooked up on the opposite side with a legal ling and a nice red respectively.  I got bit too, but it was just a sand dab.  Clearly, all the structure was on the other side.  Danny repositioned the boat to get more of the boat over the reef, but the three of us moved over to the other side anyway.  Juj was the first to benefit from the move with this nice belinda (aka bank perch).  Tessa hooked up too.  The pole was pretty bent and it was shaking.  Maybe a ling?  Danny came down to lend her a hand, but too late.  A slow but steady pick ensued.  The guy to our right got a nice ling that ended up being the jackpot fish.

We made small moves throughout the morning.  I was catching here and there…a starry, barberpole, nothing of note. After her first fish, Juj hung up her pole.  She and Tessa were on the upper deck watching Jake and I.  In between one of the stops, Jake and I were in the galley eating breakfast and she came down to ask if we could reride.  Danny said they were enjoying their playdate 😉

By now it was about 10:30.  Danny made a longer move.  Our bag was pretty light, so Jake and I turned our hats backwards.  Time to rally.  Jake decided to tie on a butterfly jig (the one he won jackpot on).  When we stopped I connected with a nicer sized starry.  Nothing to write home about though (well you know what I mean).  Nicer fish were coming on board…a ling here, some big reds there…just not the pace you’d hope for.  Danny made one more little move to the inside section of the reef.

The last stop proved to be the best.  Our buddy Eric caught a nicer sized ling.  I managed to get a big boccacio.  We finally found the spot we wanted, but ran out of day.  Oh well, decent enough day for a halfie.  It felt good just to get out.  Juj had a new friend.  We ended up with a decent bag (7 rockfish)…enough for a nice dinner and to have some for later in the week.  By the end of the morning, the sun had come out.  No complaints from me.  Tight lines.

Eric's ling

Eric’s 2nd, bigger ling


My big for the ride

Jackpot ling

Jackpot ling



  1. We have to get together and fish soon!

    • I know bro. Been awhile. Maybe a halfie this wknd? Also Mirage on 28th.

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