Posted by: socalsalty | November 19, 2012

Trip Report: San Miguel On The Coral Sea

Friday night, I drove up to Oxnard to ride the Coral Sea.  It was my first time on the boat since white seabass season.  Despite my personal misfortune on that trip (had a biscuit hooked and got sawed off on another guy’s line), it was a good trip.  I enjoyed meeting and fishing with Capt. Alex Edwards.  Since that trip, the boat and crew summered in San Diego.  They enjoyed a fantastic offshore season and are now back at CISCO’s.

Making squid

The crew for this trip was Capt. Alex, Capt. Dustin 2nd ticket (Dustin drove the Coral Sea’s sister boat, the Ranger 85 in SD), Chris on deck, and Paul splitting time in the galley and on deck.  We left the landing without picking up live bait (frozen squid on board).  Only small choves were available, so we headed out and hoped to make squid on the way.  The plan was to head to Miguel, weather permitting.  If not, we’d be going to Rosa for rockfishing.  About an hour out of the harbor, we stopped and were thick in squid.  The crew netted a bunch up and we were on our way.

The next morning I woke up to the smell of bacon.  I coffee’d up and ordered a burrito from Paul.  We were still more than an hour away from Miguel, but we were going to get there.  The sea was relatively calm, but it was raining pretty good outside.  Great…  As I ate my breakfast and we got closer though, we emerged from the clouds to find some favorable fishing conditions.

We started off a drift in about 200 ft of water.  The reason why you make the long drive out here is the lack of boat pressure means you find big quality rockfish.  I fished the standard double dropper and immediately I connected on a big olive rockfish.  The action was steady and by 9am I was limited.  I asked Alex how the boat was doing overall, and he said we were still light, so I kept going.

Quality reds

Around 11, the boat was close to limits and Alex decided to go shallower to try for sheephead and ling cod.  During the move, I took out my 40# rig and tied a single, long dropper, cut the loop and tied a snell with a stinger.  When we got to the spot, I fished 2 whole squid hoping the larger profile would entice a big ling to play.  I did catch a few of them…one was just legal.  He was skinny though, so I gave him a pass.  The boat ended up catching 5, one of which was close to 10 lbs.  There was only one sheephead, still a pinky, but a very large female that took jackpot.  I caught at least 20 fish to exorcise last week’s freshie skunk.  After culling my bag, I took home 9 reds and a chuckie…all in the 3-5 lb. range.  Overall, it was a good trip.  Sunny day, big fish, I’ll take it…especially considering the alternative was staying home in the rain.  Tight lines!

First overnight

Nice red kid

The Big Pink


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