Posted by: socalsalty | November 6, 2012

DFG Hearing On Saltwater Bass Tomorrow (Wed, Nov 7th)

Juj loves calico fishing

At issue is a potential closure on saltwater bass (sand and calico or kelp bass) during their summer spawn…a move that from where I sit would wipeout a lot of the local boats that we enjoy so much.  Your halfie and 3/4 day boats, crews, capts…gone.  We had a really good discussion on the facebook page over the weekend about what measures that we as the sportfishing community should propose in opposition of a closure.  The general consensus seemed to be around 3 potential strategies that alone or in some combination would be acceptable.

a) raising the minimum legal size from the 12 inch minimum now (13″?)

b) imposing slot limits so that any fish over a certain length (17″?) would be returned (the volume of eggs that the larger fish produce is exponentially more than the smaller ones)

c) reducing the max take from 10 to 5

The one thing we ALL agreed on is that there is a lack of scientific data in place.  So whatever happens, there should be a consistent measuring protocol to determine the effects of whatever tactics are employed.  I think a lot of us ‘feel’ like something should be done though based on observations on the water.

The main message I want to get across is that we as a community are stewards of the resource and we are more than willing to discuss and observe the regulations to support the long term health of the resource and our enjoyment of it.  Many of us don’t even take bass at all, so we self regulate beyond the proposed measures already.

Below is a repost of the email I received from the SAC (Sportfishing Association of California)…our PAC that is looking out for our interests.  If you can make the meeting tomorrow, please hit me up and share what you heard.  Thanks.  Tight lines!

The Fish and Game Commission will be meeting next Wednesday, November 7, at 9:00 AM at the following location:


Radisson Hotel at Los Angeles Airport 6225 West Century Blvd. Los Angeles, CA


This Commission will be taking public comment on our access to kelp bass and sand bass.  SAC has already gone on record supporting an increase in length to 13 inches which will cause an automatic reduction in bag limits.  SAC has also gone on record stating we should proceed carefully including more science data collection before drastic measures are taken.  We encourage every landing and any member of the public to have representation at this meeting to speak to how the proposed “no retention” periods etc. recommended by DFG will impact you.


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