Posted by: socalsalty | October 20, 2012

Trip Report: AM New Seaforth

Monday’s AM ride on the New Seaforth (photo courtesy of Capt. RJ Hudson)

Monday afternoon this week, I was bumping through the reports and came across the above picture.  I put it up on the Facebook page and one of the comments was, “Holy crap! That is epic for half day!”  That comment came from former Daily Double deckhand, Jason Ivey.  I agree, pretty damn amazing.  Apparently, there is a lot of squid in the water off La Jolla and BIG, local exotics are coming to feast.

I was already planning to come to San Diego midweek, but I was wanting to see what was going on 3/4.  By the time I got down there Wednesday, the 3/4 counts were all about lots (mostly limits) of paddy yellows and maybe a handful of tuna and/or dorado.  Judging from the lack of pictures, my guess was that all the yellows were of the smaller, under 10 lb. variety.  By Thursday morning, the wind was kicking up and my buddy John and I made the call to go half day instead.  It turned out to be a good call.

When I went to bed Wednesday, there were no reservations for the New Seaforth, the half day boat at Seaforth Landing.  By the time we rolled up, there were 25 of us that boarded the boat.  The boat was tanked with live squid that the boat had made the night before.  We headed out in the pre-dawn dark for the short ride up to the water off La Jolla.  It was already a parking lot by the time we got up there, but we could see anglers getting hooked up all around us.  This was the spot.

Marks aggregated over squid schools.  The problem was that between the wind and swell, and the muddy bottom, our anchor wasn’t holding and there was only a short window where we could be over the desired spot.  However, each time we got over it, a couple big yellows hit the deck.  I personally avoided getting a bite (nothing of note at least) 😦

But here are some tips from what I observed…

1) Fish heavy…minimum 40, don’t be afraid to go to 50 or 60.

2) The high dropper (like 36 to 48 inches above the lead) was the preferred rigging, and leave the loop intact, but tie-off the hook.

3) Be ready first thing in the morning, the bite was mostly over by 9am.

For the anglers lucky enough to get bit, and if they didn’t lose their fish, they were rewarded with big (25-35 lb) yellowtail.  John got one, and the boat got 14 total with a nice halibut and some quality calico bass to round out the count.

John’s yellow

Jackpot yellowtail

Group shot: 12 of 14 were taken by 9am

Trip Video


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