Posted by: socalsalty | October 18, 2012

Trip Report: Santa Barbara with Pew & WaveWalker

Thank goodness for GPS

After my trip out to the islands with the Pacific Islander, I stayed in Oxnard for the night.  The next morning, I got in my car and made the short drive up to Santa Barbara.  I’d only ever fished in Santa Barbara once before.  It was a quick little morning pier outing that I snuck in while on a weekend date to SB and the wine country.  Still, for a couple hours at the pier, I logged in 7 species of fish which was pretty cool.

I was invited up by the folks from the Pew Trust, Pacific Fish Conservation Campaign.  I wrote about this campaign in my Little Fish Matter post.  In general, the response to this post was positive, but there were some salties that cautioned me to be careful and make sure I dug beyond the surface.  I did and eventually threw my support behind the effort.

Capt. Bacon (photo courtesy of Berkley Fishing)

Sunday was not about any sermonizing though.  It was just a day out to enjoy the beauty of the ocean/coastline and be amongst friends.  I even left my tackle box and rods in the car and just decided to relax and enjoy the day!  I used the boat’s gear and only brought my video camera.  On the boat were Ashley Lautzenhiser, Sean Watson, and Paul Shively from Pew.  The boat was the WaveWalker, with Capt. David Bacon at the wheel, and his daughter Tiffany served as our deckhand.  I was excited to fish with them as I have read David’s work in Western Outdoor News and Pacific Coast Sportfishing, and seen him speak at Fred Hall.

It was only a halfer, so we stayed pretty close.  At the deepest, I think we were only about 140 feet.  My only fish of note for the trip was a ling.  We used some light spinning gear.  At one point, I got whacked pretty good, got rocked and eventually busted off.  I shrugged it off though and rolled with it.  Ashley ended up winning jackpot with a nice red that was just short of 3 lbs. (my guess).  Despite the relaxed attitude, we put close to a limit of rockfish on the boat (35 rockfish for the 4 anglers), which were mostly reds and bocaccio.  For the day, it was just nice to know that these guys are anglers and looking out for anglers’ interests.

My ling (released)

Ashley’s big red

The sun was out and the water was super clear.  Check out the great video I was able to get.  Tight lines!

Trip Video


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