Posted by: socalsalty | October 15, 2012

New Species Report: Calico Rockfish

Calico Rockfish

I spent the weekend up north.  I boarded the Pacific Islander, out of CISCO’s in Oxnard, Friday night and we went on an overnight out to Santa Rosa and San Miguel islands.  I stayed in Oxnard Saturday night and drove up Sunday morning to fish with the Pew folks off Santa Barbara with Capt. David Bacon of WaveWalker charters.  It was a great weekend of Fall rockfishing in Southern California.

I pulled up this little guy on Sunday.  Our deckhand Tiffany said it was actually not a short, but a mature Calico Rockfish (sebastes dalli)!  Yes, calico rockfish…not bass.  This pretty little fish was about 5 inches long.  A trophy one would only go about 10 inches!   Tiffany told me they actually had a client charter the boat to target this fish.  He was a “fish collector” and wanted to check this fish off his list (hmmm…sounds like someone I know).  Well, I got one without even trying 😉  We were fishing shallow, so we were able to successfully release him.

Great weekend of fishing, with some great pics and video that I’ll post up as the week progresses.  Tight lines!



  1. Those things are a pain in the but in San Diego. We refer to em as “Flea Cod.” I have seen many in the bellies of lingcod and other large rockfish. Mike and I have filleted all the ones nobody wanted, and made killer little fish nuggets out of them lol.

    • I have a killer lingcod video from the weekend you are going to love! Thanks for the goat tips and stopping by J.

  2. Joe I expect that to be #9.75 on your 2013 Top 10!

    • I’ll have some surprises for the Top 10 next year Jimmy, but I don’t think the calico rockfish will specifically be on there 😉

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