Posted by: socalsalty | October 10, 2012

Recipe Update: Tuna Poke’

This last weekend, I made the tuna poke’ that I posted the recipe for a little while back.  I made a couple mods that I thought were worthwhile and wanted to share them with you all.  On first pass, I didn’t think it was spicy enough, so I added a packet of red chili flakes I had leftover from pizza (so about a teaspoon).  The chili flakes brought it up to the perfect level of heat in my mind, and also added a nice color contrast visually.  Secondly, I didn’t post a serving suggestion, but my friend had suggested rice crackers.  I decided to serve them on fried wontons which was fast and easy to do and was a nice, light, crunchy platform for the poke’.

It was a success!  I served it at my buddy Doug’s place as a pre-game/dinner snack and it was quickly gone.

There’s still some time to get in on the tuna bite before they leave for the year.  I highly recommend getting down to San Diego and getting on a 1.5 day trip (ideally) to get in on the action.  If you can’t get out that long, at least try a 3/4 day boat as they’ve had tuna (bluefin and yellowfin) mixed into their counts of yellowtail and dorado.  Tight lines!

Jake loved the poke’


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