Posted by: socalsalty | October 8, 2012

Trip Report: Morning Halfer On The New Del Mar

Nice scully Doug!

The Tuesday after Jake won his first jackpot, the New Del Mar was taken off the water to get some work done.  She got a new engine and generator and had some annual maintenance.  So when she got back on the water last week (Thursday), the kids and I were very happy and excited to get back on.  Sunday morning, we were joined on the boat by my best friend from college, Doug Petrich…Brother Doug to me…Uncle Doug to the kids.  Doug was in town visiting from Luxembourg where he lives with his wife and 2 kids.  Doug has been following our salty exploits from afar.  He was excited to see us all and get a chance to experience getting on the water with us.

We loaded up and the boat was tanked with live squid.  Our first stop of the day was on a sculpin spot 40 minutes out of the harbor.  I had rigged Doug, Juliana and I with single droppers.  Jake tied a double dropper.  We used whole dead squids to get a bite.  Doug took right to it.  It didn’t take him long to get a bite and reel up a very nice sized sculpin.

Juj, her fave deckhand Eric, and the wolf eel

The boat quickly limited out on sculpin, but not before the most exotic catch of the day…a small wolf eel (released)…a sure sign that the water is getting colder 😦  We proceeded to move out to a deeper spot to rockfish.  At this spot, we were marking bocaccio midway in the water column.  Nobody seemed to want to fish for them though.  When the boat got back in the water on Thursday, 15 ling cod were taken that day!  I was hoping to get one, as was Jake and most of the regulars on the boat.  Three lucky anglers were rewarded for their efforts, finding 3 just-legal lings.

The last spot of the day, Capt. Danny put us on a reef where we were hoping to get into some nice reds (vermilion rockfish).  It wasn’t wide open.  In between keeping Juj baited and in the water, I only managed a barberpole and a honeycomb rockfish.  However, one lucky angler on the opposite side of the boat pulled in a massive 8lb red!  A couple other nice ones came over the rail and that was the day.

Uncle Doug with the kids

All in all, it was a nice day of fishing…perfect weather and water conditions and decent fishing.  I’m still working on last week’s tuna and dorado, so what we took home was plenty.  The day was more about reconnecting with family and friends on the home boat.  Our mission was accomplished, and we got to share the experience with Uncle Doug.  Tight lines!

Check out the massive gut on the jackpot red (right)


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