Posted by: socalsalty | September 3, 2012

Jake’s First Jackpot

Yesterday (Sunday), the original plan was to ride the Enterprise out of Long Beach Marina.  Unfortunately, we missed the boat, so we headed up the 405 to ride the home boat out of Marina del Rey, the New Del Mar.  Very similar trip to my trip on Thursday, except yesterday there was no live bait.  So when we got out to the bocaccio spot, several of the anglers decided to go with a jig.  Jake asked if he could give it a try, so I set him up on my heavy rod, using an orange Shimano Butterfly jig.  At the end of the ride, while everyone was oohing and ahhhing over Hacker’s foul hooked mola mola (myself included), Jake kept fishing.  See what happens in the video below…

EDITORIAL NOTE – The New Del Mar is going to be offline beginning tomorrow for a few weeks for annual maintenance and some engine work.



  1. Way to go Jake!

    • Thanks Josh. Proud Dad 🙂

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