Posted by: socalsalty | August 31, 2012

Trip Report: PM Halfer on the New Del Mar

This trip was one of those sneaky good trips.  We started out going fairly deep and anchored up on a spot where there were some bocaccio and some smaller lings.  Everyone was able to take home a limit of the bocaccio.  I was fishing a reverse dropper with a live sardine.  At one point, I got rocked hard and was hanging heavy.  Headshakes, whole nine…I was slowly reeling it up and then the heaviness was gone.  Dang!  Reeled up and found the leader of my reverse dropper broken off.  Probably missed jackpot on a larger ling.  Oh well.

Then we moved on to a sculpin spot.  I re-rigged with a scampi plastic on a leadhead, in a dropper loop setup.  At the first stop, I noticed a dad and his son (Eric and Tyler), who weren’t having my much luck.  I learned they were visiting from Michigan.  On our way to the sculpin spot, I asked Eric if I could re-rig Tyler’s rent rod.  He said yes and I set him up.  He fished it and pulled in the fish of the day…a Spanish Jack Mackerel (totally lucky…I rigged him up to catch sculpin)!  That’s the first time I’ve ever seen one live, and it was very cool to watch Tyler get it.

Nice fish Ty!

As it turned out, since Eric and Ty are staying at a hotel, they gave me the Spanish Jack…a good deed is rewarded 🙂  On the way home, we encountered a whale.  It looked like a small grey, but I think I heard Capt. John say it was a humpback.  Whatever it was, it put on a great show for us doing several jumps, with subsequent large splashes. It was another first for me to see a whale jump like that (well in the wild and not at Seaworld or on tv).

It turned out to be a great day, for what otherwise would have been a kind of nondescript, average day on the water.  Even without seeing the Spanish Jack and the whale, it is always good to see the regulars and crew on the NDM.  Tight lines!

VIDEO: Whale Watching on the NDM



  1. Had a great time fishing with you. Hope you enjoy that mackerel!

    • Nice job Ty! Glad you guys enjoyed gettin’ salty!

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