Posted by: socalsalty | August 17, 2012

Trip Report: PM Half Day – New Seaforth

Sea lion snack (look what’s just below the surface)

Interesting day on the water yesterday.  Definitely not your typical half day ride.  We started out the day making squid as the guys found a nice ball of it on their morning run.  While the crew and rides were making squid, the rest of us fished.  One angler got picked up by what appeared to have been a white seabass.  He fought and lost it eventually.  I found out he was fishing 20lb test, and the fish just broke him off.  During this same squid making stop, I got picked up and made my way all the way around the boat before the fight was ended when we got a visual that it was a very large bat ray.  One stop to make bait and already a fair amount of excitement.

We moved on to some shallow water kelp beds off La Jolla to fish for calico bass.  John and I were hunting for something bigger and I fished the high dropper loop wsb setup, while he fished a reverse dropper setup next to me.  I got picked up again on a live squid.  Unfortunately, I got busted off as I was fishing 20 lb at the time too (laziness on my part, not wanting to strip down the light setup I had to fish the smaller size dorado that I was supposed to do on Wednesday with Dana Wharf).  During this stop though, one angler successfully boated a small (8lbs?) kelp paddy yellowtail.


Next, Capt. Brian got word from a spotter plane about a school of yellows on the surface, not to far away from where we were.  We sped out to meet them.  Capt. Brian had previously said we weren’t going to spend the day targeting yellows as the sea lions had returned from deeper water mating activity.  Sure enough, several followed us out and were a gigantic nuisance.  During this session, I got bit, and almost as fast my fish got picked up by a sea lion.  Line stripped out uncontrollably.  I buttoned down the drag to see if I could yank it out of his mouth, and snapped 60 lb braid!  Another angler was luckier.  Despite getting picked up by another sea lion, he was able to successfully boat his fish with the help of the captain and crew.  The boat got 2 big yellows and the smaller one from the calico stop.  Some calico bass and small rockfish rounded out the count.  Even though I ended up with an empty sack, it was still an enjoyable day on the water.  Tight lines!


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