Posted by: socalsalty | August 15, 2012


Wow, didn’t expect this to happen.  John and I had some dinner, and then were rigging up trolling lures for tomorrow.  Finally checked the reservations…Belle, sold out.  Malahini, sold out.  San Diego, sold out.  Tried to call around to see if we could get on as a “ride”.  Sorry guys.

Just because a fish that you can usually only catch in Mexico is available on a local trip?!?!?  Dodo Madness has truly taken hold down here.  Offices up and down the coast have anglers out “sick”!

Here were the counts today (Wed, Aug 15):

Malahini (40 anglers): 118 yellowtail, 80 dodos

Mission Belle (33 anglers): 66 dodos, 7 yellowtail

San Diego (48 anglers): 25 dodos, 2 yellowtail

You better make a reservation before coming down.  Me?  I guess it’s the PM halfer on the New Seaforth.

Always a shot at yellows in La Jolla


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