Posted by: socalsalty | August 10, 2012

A Day Of Firsts

John…just the first stop

I’m going to do detailed trip reports from the last 2 days (Sum Fun with Dana Wharf on Wednesday, Mission Belle out of Point Loma Sportfishing on Thursday), but I wanted to quickly give you a sense of just how good it was yesterday.  For a quick synopsis, you can listen to the audio report I posted on 976-Tuna.  In this case though, the count just doesn’t really give you a sense of how special the day truly was.  So here are some quick facts…

It was my best day ever catching dorado (dodo’s for short, aka mahi mahi) with 6.  It was my buddy John’s best day ever catching 9.  It was so good, John did a hook and hand of the biggest fish of the day to a visiting mail carrier from Kansas City (maybe 25lb fish!).  In fact, it was so good that John released a 20 lb fish!  This is the same guy who I’ve seen take six 5lb calicos, and the only question was, “Gut & gill or filet?”  I have the video to prove it.  See below…



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