Posted by: socalsalty | August 6, 2012

Trip Report: AM Halfer on the Clemente

Pool time

Had rare back-to-back weekends with the kids 🙂  Last week was Santa Monica pier and beach.  This week, the kids were eager to get back out on the water.  We spent the weekend down in the Dana Point area…enjoying pool time at our hotel on Saturday, then a day on the water on Sunday with Dana Wharf Sportfishing.  We got to the dock Sunday morning and  found out that the Sum Fun, where Juj had her big 14 bass output last time out, was on a private charter.  No problem though, it meant we’d be riding the Clemente with Capt. Corey.

The fishing conditions weren’t great…lack of current had the kelp up in umbrella mode.  The water was cold and dirty.  And the bait was big.  That said, it was a fun day on the water.  Juj led the family with 7 fish caught…4 calicos, 1 sandy, 1 Johnny Bass, and one sculpin.  Amongst the big bait were a precious few small sardines.  Jake found a good one, pinned him on a reverse dropper, and promptly farmed a halibut with it (Doh!).  It was cool though because Jake had a learning moment.  He said he knew what I meant now when I wrote about the subtle bite on the halibut I caught last time on the PI.  Time on the water…there’s no substitute.  You’ll get him next time buddy.

One of the things I love about Dana is the diversity of marine life we run into when we’re down there.  In addition to the species I’ve already mentioned, we saw senoritas, barracuda, jack smelt, mackerel, bat rays and a pinback shark.  Check the pics.  Enjoy.

* EDITORIAL NOTE – There is a special all day (5am to 5pm) paddy hopping trip on the Sum Fun this coming Wednesday, August 8th.  This is a limited load trip (20 anglers).  Call the landing for details: (949) 496-5794

Kelp Fish

Juj and one of her calicos

Juj’s sand bass

Juvenile Black Seabass

Juj with Halibut Derby champ, Peggy Stein

Jackpot halibut

Seal tax on the hali

Jake’s baby calico at the buzzer


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