Posted by: socalsalty | July 27, 2012

Cabo Report With Wesley Brough

Following is an update from surf fishing guide, Wesley Brough.  I fished with Wesley when I was in Mexico in May.  I met him via my buddy Dave Maynard of Fish The Baja.  Wesley put Dave on a huge 50lb rooster and that episode won Dave a Telly award (it was one of my favorite episodes of one of my favorite shows).  You can follow Wesley’s exploits here and on twitter (@cabosurfcaster).  If you are headed to Cabo, contact Wesley for his guide service while you are there:

Sunrise on the Pacific Coast

The surf fishing report for the cape region has been varied. About 3 weeks ago the fishing was great and more or less predictable.  The kind of bait this time of year is mullet which happens to be the favorite food for Roosterfish. Almost every beach on the Pacific side was carrying schools of mullet and there were plenty of Roosters, then we had a hurricane form off the coast a few hundred miles away which sent some pretty massive swell towards the tip of Baja. By the time the swell died down, it seemed to have taken our schools of bait with it along with the majority of large roosters. They are starting to appear again, but the basic rule of thumb is, “If you find the school of mullet, you find the Roosters” Right now they seem to be so focused on the real bait that it is hard to draw their attention with fast topwater lures, instead what has been working better has been more realistic swimming lures.

Zacatitos sunrise…does it matter how the fishing goes?

I traveled up to Zacatitos on the East Cape this week in search of some decent fish, only to be disappointed with a lack of bait.
The water temperature has been in the mid 80’s and the mornings have been absolutely beautiful! I never regret getting up in the morning and being out there! My hope for next week is that we can find where these nice fish have been hiding for the past couple of weeks!

Jig caught jack crevalle from the beach



  1. wesley, I hadd the pleasure of meeting you on the beach at cabo del sol, by the shearaton on the rockey out crop at the golf course. You were very helpful and generous with both advise and tackle. I’ll be back in March and if possible would like to fish with you on the pacific side. I’ll be at the Solmar Lands End. In the mean time what should I plan for fishing the beach from Lands end up to the rocks to the northwest.? Meaning what fish should I expect to be there at this time.

    Ben Perzanowski, Ohio

    • Ben,
      Thanks for stopping by. Wes is a sometimes contributor to the blog, but probably the best place to reach him is thru his facebook page:
      I hope you continue to visit.
      Thanks, Joe

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