Posted by: socalsalty | July 22, 2012

Recipe: Baked Seabass With Lemon & Herbs

Thursday before last, I was lucky enough to finally score some white seabass.  So naturally, seabass was on the menu this week.  When you have nice fresh fish like this, the name of the game in preparing it is use the KISS principle…Keep It Simple, Stupid.

This recipe couldn’t be simpler, and only takes about 35 minutes (prep and cooking time).  It will work for any big meaty white fleshed fish.  I’ve prepared it now with halibut and seabass, but it should be good with ling cod, whitefish and any other fish that fits the bill.  I even taught Jake how to do it and he made it with halibut for his mom and sister successfully.


(serves 2)

1-1.5 lbs. of seabass filets

extra virgin olive oil

fresh herbs (I used kaffir lime leaves and rosemary.  Tarragon and lemon grass is probably a good herb combo too)


salt and pepper


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F

2. Pour olive oil in a Pyrex baking pan.  Use enough to coat the bottom of the pan.

2. Place the fish filets in the pan and turn them over on both sides in order to get a light coat of oil on the fish.

3. Salt and pepper both sides of the fish.

4. Take half the herbs and put on the bottom of the pan.  Place the fish on top, and put the rest of the herbs on top of the fish.

5. Layer thin slices of lemon on top of the herbs.

6. Seal the pan with foil.

7. Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes.  It’s done when it’s white through the entire flesh.  After a couple times making it, you’ll recognize the ‘done’ smell.  Remove from oven and let it rest for a bit (foil still on) before you plate it.

That’s it.  You can leave the herbs/lemon on or remove when you plate it.  You don’t actually eat either, but it makes a nice presentation.  I like to serve with some wild rice and green beans.  For drama, you can plate the rice and green beans and set the fish in the baking pan on the table.  When you remove the foil, the steam that comes out is very aromatic and will whet the appetite of your dinner guest.  The sauce in the bottom of the pan is nice on top of the fish and/or rice.  This is a very lean, healthy meal.  Enjoy!



  1. Correction it was my giant red and chuckie.

    • Ah, so it works for rockfish too 😉

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