Posted by: socalsalty | June 26, 2012

Trip Report: 1.5 Days Offshore On The Islander


Looked so promising leaving SD on Sunday

I’m finishing breakfast at the Denny’s off Rosecrans. I just got off the Islander and unfortunately, not a lot to report. One of the other anglers from the boat was here also and made the comment, “Next time…but on another boat.”  I don’t agree.

The biggest kelp stringer we saw all day

True, the fishing was lousy.  The big winds that started late last week were still going.  Capt. John Conniff said we saw wind up to 25 knots!  It made for some very tough fishing conditions.  I don’t blame the boat (captain or crew) though.  During dinner last night, Capt. John was still looking for fish as the sun set and the anglers had already thrown in the towel on the trip (we logged about 150 miles roundtrip).

The kelp paddies we were looking for ended up being tiny little patches…busted up by the wind…hardly the thriving oases of fish we wanted.  As a result, we only managed 9 little yellowtail for 27 anglers. We sonared some tuna, but no biters. The jackpot fish was maybe 12 lbs.  It was nice to hear though that for at least a couple of the lucky anglers, that it was their first ever yellowtail.

That’s just how it goes sometimes.  The boat was comfortable.  The crew was helpful.  The food was great.  I heard more than one angler say that the Islander “really tries to bring a long range feel to an overnight trip.”  I agree.  Tight lines!

Your 1st yellow at any size is a thrill


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