Posted by: socalsalty | June 24, 2012

Quick SD Update

I’m going out Sunday afternoon on the Islander for an extended 1.5 day trip.  We’re leaving at 4pm today and returning at 7am Tuesday, so I’ll be offshore tonight and tomorrow.  We’ll be kelp paddy fishing for yellowtail and bluefin tuna, so hopefully I’ll have some good stories and pics for you later in the week.

In the meantime, I wanted to quickly share with you what I’ve been doing and seeing here locally in San Diego.

Bryce’s jackpot ling

Calicos and the Point Loma Kelp

Still going strong.  I got my a$$ handed to me riding the Daily Double yesterday.  But as previously reported, around 4pm, the current picked up, the kelp laid down (a little) and the bass were hungry.  I was getting bit on both anchovies and Corey’s swimbaits, getting them into the boat was another story…

As usual, John killed them getting 10 calicos.  The boat also had some mixed rockfish (sugar bass, and treefish mostly) and added 3 lings for good measure.

Halibut all over SD Bay

Shelter Island Pier

I’ve caught 4 legals in 2 days.  I had the luxury of fishing live anchovies, but it was just from the shore so anyone can get in on the action.  They’re in close for their spawn.  I hung out at the Shelter Island Pier for a couple hours and ate my lunch when I arrived on Friday.  While there, I saw “Halibut Bud” take a 27 incher off the pier.  John and our friend Ed are going to kayak fish for them on Tuesday.  To think it took all year to get my first legal last year, and then catch 4 in 2 days is big.  Get out and enjoy it.

Halibut Bud


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