Posted by: socalsalty | May 31, 2012

Top 10 Update: Sheephead – I’ll Count It

Isn’t it cute?

Let me be the first to admit…not an impressive fish.  I fished yesterday on the Freedom with Capt. Tommy Lee and crew.  My buddies, John, Jason and LeRoy joined me on the trip to Catalina and Clemente Islands.  I knew John was going to give me sh*t for asking him to take this pic of me with this fish.  He didn’t disappoint 😉

Our collective hope for the trip was to get on some white seabass (#3 on the Top 10).  Despite successfully making squid the night before, we were unsuccessful.  One angler on the boat, had what might have been a WSB bite, but was unable to land it, so we’ll never know.  The weather that blew through the latter part of last week left the water cold and unsettled; and the fish not very interested in biting.  All together now…1, 2, 3…“That’s why it’s called Fishing and not Catching!”

Anyway, a silver lining was that I did catch a legal sheephead (#8 on the Top 10).  It wasn’t the epic 3 yellowtail on the plug trip from last month, or Monday’s big ‘but in Santa Monica Bay…but it counts.  A sheephead did win one angler jackpot today…a nice 13-15 lb fish…so the fish does deserve it’s spot on the list.  I’m still looking though for that big, lumpy black head, white beard and deep red goat.

May has been a productive month for me with barracuda, halibut and now sheephead going down.  Overall in SoCal, the fishing is really good right now.  The San Diego yellowtail bite is still going strong.  Nice calico bites happening at Dana Point, Point Loma and even CISCOS!  The cuda have returned.  And my home boat, the New Del Mar, in Marina del Rey got 10 lings yesterday!  Get out and enjoy it.  Tight lines!



  1. Put that minnow back! 😉 Bummer about the white seabass. It looks like the water is clearing up and of course getting warmer so hopefully the bite will turn back on soon.

    • Hi Frank! Thanks for stopping by. I am going on the Islander on June 24th, but also looking at Sept. Let you know what I find.

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