Posted by: socalsalty | May 28, 2012

Gear Report: AFTCO Technical Fishing Shirt and Tournament Shorts

Tip of the iceberg

On my recent trip to Mexico, I really wanted to experience the trip using my own gear as much as possible.  I purchased a big Bazuka rod tube and took 4 rods in it, plus the extension stick I use for my GoPro camera.  I took 6 reels…from small baitcaster to large trolling reel.  I had a jig box full of iron to throw.  I took the 6 big Gaji trolling lures.  I brought tackle…hooks, line etc.  Plus, I had my other camera, iPhone, laptop and all the various chargers and accessories that went with those items.

What about clothes?

At the end of the trip, I was proud of the fact that I had thought through the various fishing scenarios well.  Everything I brought, I either used or would have used had conditions on the water been different.  I also got most of the video and pictures I wanted to get, sharing it all with you here on the blog.

But what about clothes?  I had to make sure that whatever I brought, I’d be able to carry all by myself, so that constraint didn’t leave a lot of room for clothes.  I didn’t bring socks…a start 😉  I did bring: one “nice shirt”…my black guayabera; one pair of cargo shorts for walking around; Salty cap and New Del Mar hoodie; 5 tshirts, including my favorite Guy Harvey yellowtail design (gotta represent for SoCal!); 5 pairs of underwear, including a pair of  AFTCO tackle boxersAFTCO blue Dorado board shorts which could double as swim trunks or fishing shorts on the boat; 2 pairs of sandals, including my AFTCO deck sandals; and the AFTCO Technical Shirt and Tournament Shorts.

Full disclosure…AFTCO is now my clothing sponsor.  Thank you AFTCO!

The Tackle Boxers

Let me just briefly (haha) mention the tackle boxers.  Many of you snickered when I put that ad up on my site, but I really like this underwear.  It’s made of a lightweight nylon/spandex blend, that is both moisture wicking and quick drying…must haves when you are on the water.  It’s a little fuller cut than the Ex-Officio boxers I used to use which is nice for me.  AND, most importantly, when economizing on space, they are anti-microbial…ie. germ fighting so you don’t need to bring as many changes of underwear.  What I did was alternate between the AFTCO boxers and my regular ones…washing them out in the shower after using and hanging them to dry overnight. After drying they maintained their soft feel.  If I had another pair, I would have no problem just bringing 2 pairs and calling it a day.

AFTCO Technical Fishing Shirt and Tournament Shorts

Got bloody with this dodo

I wore the shirt and shorts most of the time I was on the water, which was 4 days in total (one day in the East Cape I wore a tshirt).  I wanted something light, breathable, quick drying and easily washable for the trip.  An added bonus was that the SPF protection (rated SPF 50) on the shirt was extremely effective.  I can attest to this fact as I had some serious farmer tan going.  What most impressed me though was their stain repelling properties.  You know how salt gets in there and creates that stiff, white area?  No problem.  What about fish blood/slime?  Gone.  All I did was was wash them out in the hotel sink with some hotel shampoo.  Worked like a charm.  The stain repellant quality isn’t even a feature that AFTCO touts.  Maybe the SPF coating has it as a side benefit?  Not sure, but happy with how they worked.  Net result was I was able to stay out comfortably for as long as I needed to on the water.  In the end, I ended up accumulating the highest 2 day point total and taking home the belt for the trip…tournament shorts indeed 😉

It was a good trip 🙂



  1. Sounds like a blast! Way to be self sufficient!

    • Thanks for stopping by. Yes, the trip was pretty epic. Can’t wait to go back and defend my title 😉

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