Posted by: socalsalty | May 8, 2012

Video: How To Harvest A Fugu Filet

Fugu is the Japanese word for blowfish.  The fish is poisonous due to a deadly toxin contained in it’s internal organs, primarily its liver.  Due to the danger factor, fugu is venerated and celebrated in Japanese cuisine.  Daredevil foodies go out of their way to eat it when visiting Japan.  It’s said that sushi chefs attain their highest level of proficiency when they are certified to serve fugu.

Sunday, Emilio and I walked and casted along a different stretch of beach…this time near where he lives in San Jose del Cabo.  Note, I refer to it as a walking and casting exercise as I got skunked for the second day in a row…BUT there is always a silver lining 🙂

One was being able to see something I’ve never seen before, jumping manta rays!  The other was watching the locals handlining these dangerous, exotic fish.  The Mexicans call them, boquineta.  Emilio says the meat is wonderful to serve, but the trick is to extract the filet without disturbing the internal organs.  In order to do it, they have a unique way of harvesting the filet.  First, a cross cut is made on the top of the fish behind the head.  Then they peel the skin off…leaving the internal organs untouched.  One of them demonstrated how to do it for us.

I left San Jose del Cabo on Monday to go up to the East Cape.  Reports say the fishing is great here.  I hope so.  As you’re reading this post, I’ll be out panga fishing in the Sea of Cortez today (Tuesday) and again tomorrow.  In the meantime, check out the fugu video below.  Enjoy!



  1. Again…what is it good for ? ; ) hahaha

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