Posted by: socalsalty | April 30, 2012

Weekend Notebook

Big Calico Takes Lead In MDR Twilight Bass Tourney

Saturday night, my buddy LeRoy tweeted me from the New Del Mar.  He was just getting back in from the twilight run.  A new leader has emerged late in the monthly battle for a month of free fishing.  AK landed a big 6 lb 4 oz calico, besting the previous leader by over a pound a half!  Thanks for the update LeRoy.

Nice catch AK!

Big shakeup on top

San Diego Update

Things have slowed down a bit, but the yellowtail are still around.  La Jolla has tailed off and the Coronados have been ground zero with a handful of lucky anglers each day hooking into 20 lb+ quality size yellowtail.  The new news is that barracuda are starting to show up as well.  The conditions aren’t great, which is what is holding up the bite…lots of krill, wind and the water temp is still only around 60.  As soon as water temp comes up and the wind lays down, it could be game on.  If you can get out midweek, it’s worth making the trip.  Bring your jig stick.

Quick Trip Report – New Del Mar Sunday AM Halfer

Limits of quality sculpin for 60 plus anglers.  A decent size bocaccio took jackpot.  I quickly caught a limit of sculpin.  We finally had sardines again, so I spent the rest of the day ling-hunting.  I got one promising bite, but only came up with a badly scarred sardine.  Juj caught one sculpin and called it a day.  Jake caught something like 14 sculpin.  His big was around 2 lbs.

When we went to Fred Hall last month, Jake and Juj had gotten a free swimbait at one of the booths (sorry, but can’t recall which).  Juj teased a sculpin in the aquarium eliciting a strong bite reaction.  I was proud to note that my son catalogued this information in his head and at the first opportunity to use it, he slayed ’em.  He put the swimbait on a green/yellow B52 and tipped it with squid.  It was the same green/yellow B52 I caught my white seabass on last year.  He then proceeded to go to town on the scullies and added a couple chili pepper rockfish for good measure.

In my fridge right now, I have yellowtail, ling cod, cabezon, and rockfish.  I gave away my sculpin to the crew.  Jake wanted to keep a full limit of sculpin…his AND his sister’s!  All the live ones in his bag I had him throwback until he had 8.  Then I told him if he wanted the rest , he had to filet them himself.  Good opportunity to get in some practice.  He did and will cook dinner for his sister later in the week.  Nice job buddy.

Jake on the filet board

Future fishsticks - Jake likes to make a saltine cracker breading


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