Posted by: socalsalty | April 27, 2012

First Attempt At Fish Smoking

Smoked Yellowtail

Last August, Jacob and I traveled north and fished for salmon in the Columbia River.  We had a great outing with Capt. Dan Porter getting Jake on the fish of the year…a 31 lb. king salmon (aka chinook salmon).

During the visit, my buddy Charley showed me how his family has smoked salmon for generations where he grew up in Alaska.   Wow that was good.

I got back to SoCal though and continued to freeze my fish that I didn’t eat immediately.  After scoring all that yellowtail down in San Diego last week, and coming home with a really full cooler, my landlady said she’d go halves with me on a smoker (and maybe reclaim some freezer space).  So this week I got a smoker and gave it a try for myself.

Here’s what I did with it…


Pretty good result for my first try.  I have some ideas though on how I can make it better.  You’ll see them here (or on my Facebook page) as I further refine the process. I feel good enough about it though to put it out there and let you try too.  Looking forward to trying it out on some of our other fish here in SoCal.

I set it all aside to cool, and then vacuum sealed the individual pieces.  If you see me out on the water, I may bring some with me for you to taste.  Say Hi if you see me and ask.  Tight lines!


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