Posted by: socalsalty | April 9, 2012

Gear Report: Lifeproof iPhone Case

Lifeproof case with GoPro attachment

A few weeks ago, I was in Austin, TX for South by Southwest.  While there, my friend Dave Maynard of Fish the Baja, introduced me to Lifeproof, a new waterproof case for my iPhone.  There in their booth, they had an aquarium where they had phones dunked within.  They pulled one out and demonstrated that the iPhone still worked.  I was intrigued.  I asked for some product to do a review.  They hooked me up with not only the case, but the GoPro attachment also, so that I could try it out for myself.

After 2 weekends in Texas, when I could’ve been home in SoCal on the ocean, I was dying to get salty again.  When I got back, I went out Thursday afternoon and got on my home boat, the New Del Mar.  I took my first jackpot of 2012 on that trip 🙂  In between fishing, I did an impromptu dunk test of the Lifeproof in one of the handwells.

OK, passed that test.  The phone worked just fine post dunking.  When I’m out on the boat, I often have my phone in one of my leg pockets of my fishing shorts.  Water often spills out of the bait tank.  Deckhands hose down the deck between spots.  When I take out my phone to snap a pic, my hand might be wet or slimy from bait.  In short, lots of opportunities to get the phone wet, drop it, or otherwise ruin it in some fashion.  It was nice to have the confidence of knowing my phone was protected.

Tripod mounted

After getting off the boat though, I was having issues in just the normal usage of the phone.  In particular, when I’d press the Home button, the phone was unresponsive and I’d have to reset the phone just to get to the Home Screen.  Grrr.  Less important (to me at least), I had a hard time hearing the phone ring (I can hear and talk on a phone call just fine).  After 2 days of that frustration, I was done.  I removed the phone from the case and set it aside.

As I was getting ready to head down to San Diego a couple weeks back.  I decided to give it another try and put the Lifeproof case on again.  This time though, I thoroughly cleaned both the phone and the inside of the case itself.  I snapped it all back together and tried it out.  Better!  I decided to leave the case on.   I already owned a tripod mount for my GoPro, so I brought my little gorillapod with me, and planned to use it with the GoPro mount provided by Lifeproof.

The plan wasn’t to do a Lifeproof video, it was to test the new baits from Corey.  With the phone mounted on the tripod, and sitting between my legs on the kayak, I was impressed with how the video came out…including the sound quality as I explained where I was and the bait I was using (kind of confusing to me given the sound issue).  Later, once I was off the water, like I do with my poles, I figured I better rinse off the saltwater.  I decided to take the Lifeproof with me in the shower.  Wow!  Works like a charm.  After living with my Lifeproof protected iPhone for awhile now, I’ll give it a qualified recommendation.  Somehow, the Home button issue comes back after a week or so of use.  I follow the same procedure and it works fine. My concern is how long I can go before the integrity of the seal is compromised.  The sound issue also persists, but the vibrate works well enough that I can personally overlook it (make your own decision how important that is to you).  I’d also like to see the following options: a) I’d like a version that had some tackiness to it so that it doesn’t slide around as much; b) It’d be nice to have a lanyard option so that I could hang the phone off my neck when I’m fishing.  Hopefully, they’ll include those enhancements at a future date.

When it’s working at it’s best, I could happily live with this case on all the time.  It’s slim.  It seems to protect the phone well from bumps and bruises.  And it completely fits my salty lifestyle.  I had some minor issues with it and because of those issues I have concerns about its longevity.  Qualified recommendation.  Tight lines!

Like the LifeProof page on facebook and share this link to your wall for a chance to win a case!  I’ll draw 2 winners from all the entries on Monday, April 23rd.  Good luck.  ***THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED***



  1. Liked and shared. Great giveaway!

  2. Thanks for an honest opinion of the case from a salty point of view.

  3. Liked and shared

  4. This morning my father in law went fishing,didn’t get to much about what he caught but ill keep you posted.Mayaguez P.R.

    • Thanks for stopping by! Excited to hear what he caught. Please post a pic on my Facebook page.

      • They just caught a few red snappers and ate them jajaja nothing a little windy these days ill keep you posted when they catch something big.I have one question bro do you eat those i saw in your FB page? They look awesome

      • We sure do man. Some of the fish we can’t take…they may be out of season or protected fish, so we don’t eat those. Also the bass (calico, sand, spotted) we tend to catch for fun and just snap a pic and send them back.

  5. I love fishing! It’d be great to keep my phone waterproof while fishing. Good luck to everyone!
    I just have one question, does the giveaway works if i’m mexico? Thank you!

    • Thanks for coming by Victor. YES, Mexico ok. Lifeproof said they will use USPS, so it may be slow though. Good luck and Tight lines!

      • Thank you!

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  8. Liked and shared! Excellent review (:

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