Posted by: socalsalty | April 5, 2012

Trip Report: Spring Rockfishing On The Spitfire

John Anjard with Spitfire deckhand, John Corzel

I mentioned in the last post how the weather was pretty lousy last week.  Strong winds and rain made for very unpleasant and not very productive fishing.  I knew though that when things finally settled down weather-wise, the fish would be on the chew.  Reviewing the counts on Tuesday, I noticed that the Spitfire had limits of rockfish, including lots of reds, and a bonus of 4 ling cod.  John Anjard was wanting to know if it was worth coming up from San Diego and I told him it was.  Wednesday morning we met up at Dock 52 in Marina del Rey to ride the 3/4 day boat, the Spitfire.

We were joined on the boat by 32 other anglers…pretty busy for midweek, but still plenty of elbow room.  After leaving the harbor we headed north.  Capt. Jeremy drove for about an hour, before  settling in just north of Pepperdine where we started our first drift of the day.  On my first drop, I immediately nailed about a 2lb. red snapper.  As I was reeling up, the guy next to me got bit and pulled a bigger red.  Shortly after that, John brought up a huge bocaccio.  I guess I was right about them being hungry 😉

Fishing with his grandpa, Willy scored this fat red.

As the day progressed, it only got better.  At one point, I pulled up double reds on 2 consecutive drops.  By the time we got past lunch, I was well over my limit of 10.  As Jeremy sped to the next spot, John and I looked at each other and decided to go big.  No lings had hit the deck at that point.  Given they had gotten 4 the previous day, it was mildly disappointing, but John and I were determined to make a change.  Unlike previous weeks’ almost microscopic anchovies, we had live sardines today…on the big side, but we had ‘dines.  We had both rigged up poles with snelled hooks and a trailing stinger when we got going.  We got ’em out, loaded them with a big ‘dine and made a commitment to fish them out the rest of the day.

John scored first with a short ling.  Shortly after, I got a short too.  Then it happened, John got bent hard.  This was a heavy fish.  After a short run pulling drag, John got him under control and proceeded to slow wind it to the surface.  I could see color from my vantage point, and deckhand John was ready to gaff it.  Then the beast rolled, we saw the white of his belly, and he disappeared.  Ohhhhhh!  Bummer.  What was worse, was that despite the fact I had my camera mounted on the gaff, we didn’t get the footage of that ling coming up (and coming off) either 😦  That was it for the ling action.  The last drift of the day, a couple more fat reds hit the deck and that was the day.  In the end, John still won jackpot with his big bocaccio…kind of a surprise given the big reds, but maybe karmic justice for losing the ling.  Next time.  Here’s the link to the official count.  Thanks to the crew of the Spitfire for a great day on the water.  Tight lines!

My best 12 of the day

John and his jackpot bocaccio



  1. Sounds like good fishing! I hope they bite this weekend when i go out.

    Do you have anymore LG hats in stock? been wanting one……forever.

    see you out on the water salty!

    • Yeah, it was great. I love fishing with Jeremy for rockfish. Yes, I have hats. Ask me next time you see me. I always have a few in the car. Thanks for stopping by Ryo

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