Posted by: socalsalty | April 1, 2012

Weekend Notebook

If you are friends with me on Facebook, you know that I got laid off from my job a week ago.  Naturally, my response to this situation…go fishing.  I took care of business in terms of dusting off my resume, and reaching out to my network to setup some things for next week.  However, I did put in my fair share of time on the water this week too.  Unfortunately, conditions in SoCal were less than optimal this week.  The storms we’ve had made for big swells and cold water.  However, I ran into some cool things along the way that I wanted to share with you…

Fisherman’s Landing Adds 1/2 Day Boat

Fisherman’s Landing has always kind of been the long range landing to me.  It has a fair amount of overnight and 2 day boats, like the Condor and the Pacific Queen, but the emphasis has been on their long range boats like the Excel, Shogun, Searcher and Royal Polaris.  Recently, the Dolphin has come over from Seaforth to add a local boat to their lineup.  To celebrate, skipper/owner Jason Coz ran a half price special for the month of March of $23 for a half day trip.  Seeing as how I’ve got less discretionary funds for fishing now, I decided to take advantage and see what they had to offer.

Deckhand Kevin hoists John's jackpot chuckie

Thursday, my buddy John and I fished both runs.  The morning ride was really slow.  We got a few small rocks each and donated them to some anglers who got skunked.  The afternoon run was a little better…46 rockfish for 19 anglers.  John and I took home a limit though 😉  I managed some nice reds on Gulp squids.  John won the jackpot with a nice chucklehead.

One of the highlights of the trip was this sunfish or mola mola that I caught on video.  Don’t those fins remind you of the fins on the Hobie Mirage Drive kayaks?  Great crew, nice boat (sister ship of the New Seaforth), I’ll fish with them again.


Fastlane’s Fishin’ Mission

When I arrived in San Diego on Wednesday afternoon, I had a couple hours to kill before I was supposed to meetup with John.  I had hoped to fish Shelter Island where Corey Sanden had mapped out some spots for me.  Unfortunately, the bait shack/kayak rental was closed (seasonal?).  So I drove over to Mission Bay and dropped by Fastlane Sailing and Kayak to see if they rented kayaks.  They sent me to Dana Landing Market (just a couple doors down) where I was able to rent a kayak and fish the bay for an hour ($15/hr, $30 for 4 hours).  They also told me about a new program they’re running every Saturday during the months of April and May called Fishin’ Mission.  For $50 they’ll take you out on a guided kayak fishing trip in Mission Bay (7am-noon).  Sounds like a great way to checkout the fun you can have fishing a yak.

Twilight on the New Del Mar

The Puffer Shark

As I was driving home from San Diego, I was thinking of where I could fish.  I wanted to go back up to Channel Islands and ride the Pacific Islander.  Unfortunately, the PI cancelled it’s Saturday run due to weather.  Their Sunday run only had 1 reservation and is probably benched as well 😦  Then my buddy LeRoy texted me to say he was on the Spitfire and was planning to ride the twilight on the New Del Mar.  Sounds good to me.

I went home and got my foul weather gear.  Boy was I glad!  It got pretty nasty out there.  Cold, sideways rain pestered us most of the night.  Remarkably though, the fishing itself was ok.  I think sometimes the fish know when a storm is coming and feel like eating knowing it might be tough for awhile.  Anyway, the boat managed to get some nice bass…mostly sandies and one nice calico (nice work Jeff).  The surprise of the night though was the puffer shark (aka swell shark) that LeRoy caught.  In water, these fish will fill their stomach with water to swell to twice their size (hence the name).  They do this as a defensive maneuver when threatened.  Out of water, they do the same thing with air, which we witnessed on the boat.  Funky.

I only got a couple sculpin.  My personal highlight was meeting Salty reader Sean who found the blog via Google.  Thanks Sean for saying “Hi”.  I hope to continue seeing you out on the water!  Please like us on Facebook to see where we’ll be fishing.

Angler David took jackpot with this 4 lb., 11 oz. sand bass.  Not only did David take jackpot, but he also stole 3rd place from Drew (4 lb., 8 oz. sand bass) on the monthly bass tourney to earn himself a free pass on the boat.  Sorry Drew.  A new angler, Danny, won the March tourney with a 6 lb., 1 oz. sand bass.

David with deckhand Chris, and a fat sand bass

Once this weather passes, I think we’re going to be in for some good fishing.  We saw some squid in the water Saturday night.  I’ve gotten reports here and there of barracuda.  Once the water warms up, it’s going to start getting good.  I’ll work on rounding out the bottomfish on my Top 10 and try to get my sheephead and halibut this month.  I also want to get out to the islands as I think we might be in for some white seabass action.  Tight lines!


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