Posted by: socalsalty | March 11, 2012

Video: Bonito Trolling On The Freedom

Last year, I was able to score 9 of 10 fish on my Top 10 list.  The only fish that I missed was a bonito.  I had my shot on this trip to San Clemente on the Freedom, but ultimately it didn’t happen.

This year I left that fish off the list in favor of adding the sheephead.  My omission of bonito led some to believe that I dropped it because I didn’t catch it…Jon of iFished 😉

I had originally included bonito because they are cool to catch when they come inshore and you can catch them from our local piers or on a half day trip.   If you have to go out to Catalina or Clemente to do it, and the captain won’t even stop the boat if you connect…what does that tell you?  I had shot this video, and just recently re-found it.  I found it kind of amusing, so you might too.  Enjoy!

Hey LeRoy, whatever happened to DJ Hannibal?



  1. Some people do NOT understand. If the boat doesn’t stop the fish is most likely to break off. I remember when you first showed me this video you and I were cracking up. “Awww man it broke off again.” ;).

    • That’s the whole point buddy. Capt. Tommy didn’t care. He stopped the first time it happened, but that scenario played out a half dozen times. A couple of the times, the bonito got up and was skipping on the water before it broke off.

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