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Trip Report: January Structure Bass Fishing On The Tradition

This is a guest report from my buddy, “Jackpot” Jimmy Bass, whose dad owns the Tradition, the 3/4 day boat out of Redondo Sportfishing.  I don’t get down there as much as I’d like, but I’ve been wanting to go fish with him.  They lost a lot of their fishing grounds Jan. 1 when the MPA‘s took effect.  But they’ve managed to continue putting up good counts of bass…fitting I guess 😉  This report is from the Tradition’s trip last Saturday, and originally appeared here.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The sculpin-like, Sea Robin

The weather report seemed like doom and gloom for Saturday, with winds forecasted upwards to 30 knots, but that turned out to be complete nonsense for the lower half of Santa Monica Bay. It was flat calm and warm for pretty much the whole day, and we had a great day of fishing.

We headed out of the harbor shortly after 6am with 11 anglers on board. We had nice medium sardines for bait as well as some fresh frozen squid for the bass and mackerel to slice up for the sculpin. Our plan of attack was to limit out on sculpin first, and then shoot into the beach for some structure bass fishing and maybe a halibut drift. Everyone rigged up accordingly for sculpin, and we soon arrived at our first destination.

The sculpin fishing was your usual instantaneous-type fishing, with some nice ones up to two pounds coming over the rail. I’ve found that in sculpin fishing, while fishing a leadhead and squid makes this kind of fishing quick and easy, fishing a sardine makes it more fun, as the sculpin have to chew the sardine for a bit so they get the hook. It also, more often than not, yields quality sculpin.

The fishing at the sculpin hole wasn’t without its surprises – a few pinbacks crashed the party (I think one broke me off) and a fish that I’ve never seen before came up, which I believe Morgan called a “sea robin”, or something like that.

Tom's big bass

After our sculpin quota was met, we high-tailed it into the beach. There was very little breeze so Steven decided to anchor up on a rockpile and fish some structure bass. Once we found the rock, I hooked a fish that had some serious shoulders, but the hook pulled half way up. Meanwhile, the lack of condition made us swing around on the anchor, and we reset a couple of times before a breeze set in and kept us in place to have a decent bite.
I quickly landed my first bass, which would unfortunately be my only bass of the day. Meanwhile anglers Ray and Tom were killing the bass on two ounce chartreuse leadheads and whole squid. Then the big ones started to bite and Tom threw on a big bass which was jackpot at that point, weighing in at 4.6 pounds.

Not too long after that, Ray hooked something that had some serious shoulders, and this thing was “duking” so hard that he had to hold the rod with two hands and bring the rod back up to get another crank. Ray succeeded in getting the fish out of the rocks, and soon, up came this monster.

Wow! Ray's 7.6 lb Sandy

This one weighed in at 7.6 pounds, which is a great feat considering the unforgiving structure we fish over for these bass.

The guys aboard managed to continue a nice pick on the bass, but some dolphins swam through and I guess spooked the bass and we never got a re-bite out of them. For the afternoon, Steven decided to make a run back down the beach to fish an area that was pretty good a few days ago.

Father and son salties, Angel Jr. and Angel

By this point, most guys had a good haul on the bass and besides Ray and Tom as the high sticks, a father and son team (Angel and Angel Jr.) assembled a nice bunch of bass.

For the rest of the afternoon, we found that the bass weren’t as eager to bite here as they were a few days ago. There was a bunch of an out-of-season specie, the whitefish, which were all thrown back as we cannot keep those until March 1st. Near the end of the day a few guys threw on some more bass to top off our count.

We ended up with 29 sand bass, 9 calico bass, 55 sculpin (limits), and 15 perch for our efforts. Bass fishing showed some great potential and as long as we have a stretch of good weather, decent conditions, and some good bait, hopefully it will get even better. Great times, great fishing!



  1. I need a sandbass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    } —J

    Tight Lines!

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