Posted by: socalsalty | January 24, 2012

Tarpon and Costa’s Fish Art

Costa Sunglasses Tarpon

No other way to put it…winter fishing is a little slow.  Of course I still go out, but options are definitely limited.  So this time of year, I service my gear, evaluate and set goals to improve my game, and plan for fishing trips I’ll be taking later in the year.

On the subject of planning, I plan to be at ICAST again.  This year it’s in Orlando, FL.  And as I do on most business trips, I try to plan in some fishing while I’m there.  My friend, Dave Maynard of Fish the Baja, suggested snakehead fishing.  I love that idea!  Ever since I saw the snakehead episode on River Monsters, I’ve been dying to check that out.

Another fish I’ve been obsessing about is the tarpon.  I think I first became aware of the tarpon several years back when I read a news story that it was the favorite fish of former President Bush (41, not 43).  Then again when he caught his personal best fish in 2008.  I was reminded of them last year when I met a stewardess who says she owned a Texas state light tackle record on tarpon.  And I talked tarpon when I fished with NFL linebacker Kion Wilson in San Diego last summer.  I’m working on trying to get one of my own when I go to Florida for ICAST.

Recently, Costa Sunglasses (which I proudly where when I’m on the water), sent me a press release about some art they created using pieces of their glasses.  One of the artworks was of a tarpon…clearly a sign right?  Check out the what they did in the video below.  The tarpon sculpture will be hanging in the IGFA Hall of Fame and museum.  Hopefully, I’ll be posting a report on a tarpon that I caught later this year.



  1. Hope to see you at ICast!! Great video too!

    • Definitely want to meet and hang at ICAST Chico. I’ll let you know about the fishing too. Thanks for stopping by.

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