Posted by: socalsalty | January 23, 2012

Trip Report: Friday Twilight On The New Del Mar

This is going to be quick.  I went out Friday night to try and get in a fish before the impending doom of a rainy weekend (according to the weather reports).  I managed to get down to Dock 52 to ride the New Del Mar in Marina del Rey by 6pm.  It was my first trip of the year with MDR Sportfishing and it was great to see my friends and the crew.  Capt John was driving.  Chris was working the deck, and Dylan was in the galley.  Apparently, a lot of other guys had the same idea of getting in a fish before the weekend deluge.  Forty three anglers made the boat for the Friday night ride!

Unfortunately, not a lot to report.  It was pretty slow all night.  Mostly short sculpin all night.  I had managed one legal sculpin (and probably a dozen or more shorts) until the second to last stop.  There I caught a small octopus on the first cast.  I asked Chris to cut it for me and I used it for bait.  Second cast…I finally got that strong bass bite.  Pulled it up to find a just legal sand bass.  Next cast, another big hit, a bigger sculpin.  The action picked up for everyone on this stop and a lot more fish were put on the boat, including a nice (guessing 3+, maybe 4lb) calico that eventually won the jackpot.

I ended up with 3 sculpin and the one bass.  I didn’t get the count and they don’t post it for the twilight, but judging from what I saw at the cutting table I’d say that my catch total was about average.   Sorry for the fuzzy pic.  Tight lines.

Deckhand Chris with the jackpot calico


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