Posted by: socalsalty | December 20, 2011

First Video: Getting Salty in Guatemala

OK, ok…there’s a lot more from the trip, but I know everyone’s dying to see video.  So here it is, my first ever sailfish, caught in Guatemala last week.  Over the course of 2 days, we raised 16 sailfish and then caught and released 8.  Only circle hooks were used in order to minimize any potential damage to the fish.  As you’ll see, once boated and the “hero shot” taken, the fish is first revived and then released.  They only spend about a minute out of the water.  Guatemala was one of the first countries to implement an all catch and release policy on billfish.

Thank you to Capt. Tom Boice of Panamax Sailfishing, his deckmate Victor on the Que Vela! and my buddy Jon of and all our sponsors for making this trip an unforgettable adventure!

If you read yesterday’s post, 10 Facts I Learned About Guatemala, you know that the marimba is the national instrument of Guatemala.  You’ll hear what it sounds like in the opening sequence of the video.

Next up, trip reports.  Tight lines!



  1. Oh, YEAH…as the audio crescendos…it gets really exciting at 3:41!

    • Hi Mari! Thanks for stopping by. I got lucky with how the music lined up, but I thought it worked out too. Thanks for noticing 🙂 Happy Holidays! And thanks so much for your participation in the contest!!!

  2. Good Job, great video..

    • Thanks buddy. Not at your level, but it’s getting better. Merry Christmas Jeff!

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