Posted by: socalsalty | December 8, 2011

Salty Spotlight: G Loomis’ Lifetime Warranty

My Trinidad12/Loomis combo in better days

I mentioned in my Yellowtail!  post how I busted my favorite rod…my G Loomis HSR932.  This rod was the first really nice rod that I had ever purchased.  It paired with my Trinidad 12 reel to form my go to light setup (30# spectra with either 15 or 20# topshot), and it landed everything from saltwater bass (calicos, sandies, spotties), to sculpin, and even a white seabass.  Major bummer…at least it went down in a fight…and I did land the fish 😉

At the post office

I’d heard from other anglers that G Loomis was really good about honoring their warranty and replacing rods.  Until you have to do it yourself though, you never know.  I started by typing in “g loomis warranty” into Google and I found this page.  There, I printed the simple form, and filled it out.  I folded the form in half and stapled it around the rod.  Then I took some bubble wrap and wrapped the tip and handle to make it fit snugly into a shipping tube.  Luckily, I have saved some of the shipping containers that I had received other rods in.  If you don’t already have one, just get a pvc tube from your hardware store and cut to size.  Then I sealed the ends, labeled it, and took it to the post office.

Immediately after getting back from the post office, I wondered if the address in Woodland, WA was the correct address.  Knowing that G Loomis was purchased by Shimano, and that Shimano is just here in Irvine, CA, there was some concern on my part of the package getting lost and all the hassle and time wasted that might occur.  I posted my question to the Fish GLoomis page on facebook, and they quickly reassured me that I had sent the rod to the correct location.  A few weeks later, a new rod arrived.

I’d have to say that I am really pleased with how the whole process went.  My only suggestion to the company would be to have an electronic form installed on their warranty page (vs. the pdf form on there now).  Upon filling out the form, you’d be assigned a return number.  You would then print out that numbered form and attach when you shipped it.  Later, if you wanted to check, you could reference that number on their page to get updates on where your rod was in the return process.  They could even put the shipment tracking number in the log, and then you could get updates with the shipping company.  Adding the form and the tracking would be an improvement, but these guys are definitely getting things right when it comes to customer service.

G Loomis rods aren’t cheap, but the performance and the great product support have me sold.  Nice job guys.  Only thing now is…I couldn’t wait and bought a Shimano Teramar 80MH the weekend before the replacement rod arrived.  At some point, I’ll write up a comparison once I have a chance to fish both and get a feel for each.  Tight lines.

Fish GLoomis on facebook


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