Posted by: socalsalty | November 20, 2011

Trip Report: Rained Out

Lucanus Sculpin

My plans to head down to San Diego Saturday night fell through.  Given the uncertain weather conditions, Sunday I decided to stay local and ride the Spitfire out of MDR.  I almost didn’t get off the dock, but a couple stragglers arrived last minute to get us to 11 anglers and enough to go out.  Capt. Jeremy said we’d start the day off sculpin fishing because the rockfish bite hasn’t really been hitting until later in the day.

We got out to the first stop and started fishing.  We had to make a couple of small moves.  The current was pretty strong and either the boat was swinging off the spot or the anchor wasn’t setting up correctly.  I was a little surprised at the current myself and short on lead, so I replaced my shrimp fly with a Lucanus jig on my lower dropper loop…more to add weight than anything else.  That proved to be the ticket, and quickly I was able to load up on a limit of sculpin.  I think everyone else limited too.  It was only about 10:30 and Jeremy decided we’d head deeper to rockfish.  We got to the spot, but the conditions were quickly deteriorating.  The wind and rain started to kick up and we called it a day.  Got back in before noon.  Jeremy was good to us and refunded everyone a half fare. Not a bad day when you think about it, another limit of sculpin, a half off ticket and I had the rest of the afternoon to watch football.  Hopefully, this weather will blow through quickly and we can load up on rockfish and perhaps another ling or two before things shut down for the winter.  Tight lines.


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