Posted by: socalsalty | November 11, 2011

Trip Report – Quickie on the Basshole

Curado 300EJ

I met another salty recently, Jeff C.  You know how when you meet another angler, you’re kind of feeling each other out?  You test each other’s knowledge, exchange big fish pics, do that whole little fishing dance.  Jeff showed me a several pictures of some nice halibut, all caught in Santa Monica Bay, and all caught on his boat, the Basshole, docked in Marina del Rey.  OK, I’m game.  Let’s fish.  Well we’ve been trying to connect for a few weeks now and finally had the opportunity to fish yesterday.  It was a quick couple hour run at twilight, but it was a good shared experience.

Jeff said he wanted to start the day in a bass spot.  I asked him if we were going to pickup bait, and he said no, he only fished bass on plastic.  Cool.  Not something I do a whole lot of, so nice to get in some practice with someone who does it.  Jeff also had a nice Loomis GL2 / Shimano Curado combo for me to use.  Ever since I broke my Loomis bass rod, I’ve been contemplating not only what rod to replace it with, but also rethinking the whole setup.

Come back when you're old enough kid

We tied up leadheads with swimbaits and greased ’em up with some Smelly Jelly.  We gave it a game try for about an hour, but no luck.  Then we moved to a spot that Jeff said should yield some good size sculpin.  I enjoyed fishing Jeff’s swimbait gear, but I rigged up my light rod here to work the sculpin.  I tied a simple dropper loop with 2 oz of lead, and an orange/green shrimp fly to start.  Jeff had a bit of squid, so I tipped it with squid and proceeded to work a fan around my end of the boat.  No bites.  Meanwhile, Jeff managed the first legit fish of the day, a pretty fat sculpin.  I decided to switch up to an orange Lucanus jig.  Woohoo, I got a halibut, but not quite what I was looking for 😉

Sculpin on a tube jig

I scrapped the Lucanus and put on a tube jig.  Jeff’s finder was marking a piece of structure and I found it.  I worked my jig over the top and when I was able to drop it in on the other side of it…I got picked up.  It was a nice sculpin to match Jeff’s.

At this point, we were losing light and running out of squid.  Jeff wanted to get a bass before we left, so started working a swimbait again.  He had left his leadhead with squid in the water on his other setup and let it sit in a rodholder.  Well sure enough, that’s where he got his bass, a barely legal calico that he let go.  I managed a couple sugar bass (rockfish) and we called it a night.  I was wondering when I’d get to fish this week.  Jake and I are going to the Washington v. USC game Saturday, and we have some family to visit on Sunday.  Thanks Jeff for giving me a quick fix to tide me over.  Tight lines!

Sugar Sugar



  1. Nice Report Salty! The boat is actually docked right next to the hotel i work at. I always wondered who runs that boat. Come out on the NDM for twilight soon. The bass has been biting! You need to check out the leader board. 5.5 – Timmy (Calico), 5.4 Willy (Sandra), 5.0 Jun (Sandra). Its going to be hard to make it in the top three this month! See you soon!

    • Ah, I know where you are now 😉 Been wanting to go out on the twilight, but Fri/Sat has been tough to work in. Sounds like it’s been pretty good though based on those numbers! Send me some pics

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