Posted by: socalsalty | October 26, 2011

Trip Report: Fishing With Chefs

Made In America - comfort food reinvented

On Sunday I went fishing on a very different fishing trip.  Jake, Juju and I went down to 22nd St Landing to ride their half day boat, the Monte Carlo.  Sure, I’ve only ever fished 22nd St to ride the Freedom with Capt. Tommy Lee so riding the Monte Carlo was new, but we only fished in and around LA Harbor which I’ve done before with Dan Hernandez.  No, what was different about this trip was that it was a launch party for a cookbook, Lucy Lean’s, Made In America.

Chef Hussain at work

To celebrate, ultra-foodie Lucy invited many of her chef friends found in the book to cook the treats found inside.  The day started off with a Remy Martin 1738 and Ginger Ale cocktail paired up with refreshing jicama and guacamole appetizers from Chef Hussain of The Bazaar at the SLS Hotel.

Meanwhile, Juju had made friends with Pom (sp?), Chef Dave Danhi’s girlfriend.  Chef Danhi is the owner/founder of Salty crew favorite – The Grilled Cheese Truck.  So while Juj hung with Pom, Jake and I went on deck to setup our rods.  Since we were only going to be rockfishing, that was pretty a simple proposition.  We helped out the crew and got some of the other anglers rigged up while we were at it and wowed them with our fancy shrimp flies (LOL).

New to getting salty - Foodie Fabian

After rigging up, we went back inside and were treated to gourmet cinnamon rolls prepared by Juan Carlos of Michael’s Santa Monica and yummy donuts from Chef Mariah Swan of BLD.  BLD serves breakfast until 3pm, so that’s definitely a spot we’ll have to check out later (breakfast is our fave meal of the day).

It was a pretty scratchy day fishing-wise.  It was also kind of cold (for SoCal at least), so we ended up spending a lot of time in the galley.  Not a bad day to do it either.  We were treated to pulled pork sliders from Brian of BLT Steak which were R-E-A-L-L-Y good.  Obviously, we had more than our share of Grilled Cheese Truck offerings.  Jake and I also both enjoyed the Shepherd’s Pie from Chef Brendan Collins of Waterloo & City.  There was much more to come, but between these three and constant flow of beer tastings from Alex of Sunset Beer Company (Pure Hoppiness and the Achel Trappist ale were my favorites) I was on the verge of food coma.  The only other treat that I enjoyed on the boat was the uber-tasty mushroom soup from Chef Josiah Citrin of Melisse (thanks for signing my book Chef!).  Luckily, there was a bounty of the amazing chocolate chip cookies from Providence and we were able to take some home (I just ate the last of them writing this post).  Jake’s comment was, “Best part of the trip, Grilled Cheese Truck and no line!” 🙂

The making of the Fully Loaded Grilled Cheese

What was to become pulled pork sliders

Back to the fishing, as mentioned it was pretty scratchy.  I managed a decent size chucky, a small sheephead and a small red snapper.  Jake nailed 3 small reds.  Other than some of the anglers who took advantage of the wide open mackerel bite ;-), we did comparatively well.  I didn’t win the jackpot though.  I was edged out by a gopher rockfish caught by a lovely young lady named Mel.  Juj noted that Mel was fishing a nice set of matching, custom wrapped (pink and purple!) Seeker rods so she wasn’t a total novice and I didn’t feel so bad losing to her.  Along with the jackpot money though, she took home a bottle of the Remy Martin 1738 (Drat! I wanted that).

All in all, a fun day on the water.  Best galley food I’ve ever had for sure.  Definitely not the usual breakfast burrito and Bud Light I typically have.  Lucy has done these trips before and I hope she does them some more.  Keep an eye out and I’ll let you know when the next one comes along.  Tight lines (and a tighter belt for Salty)!

My Chuckie - Photo courtesy of Lucy Lean

Jake with one of his reds, caught on the shrimp fly 😉 - Photo courtesy of Lucy Lean



  1. Jealous!!! Sounds like a great time!!

    • Hey Amie, thanks for stopping by! The bar has been set for you now. I may be coming up this weekend, so you better be prepared to get your foodie freak on 😉

  2. Red alert! Taco red.

  3. Yummy! fishing, friends, family and good food! sounds like a great day.

  4. Wow, I’d like to go on that food/fishing. Lucky and a nice Father’s Day for you!! Love

    • It was awhile back Auntie Phebe, but memorable trip for sure.

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