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Ten Reasons You Want To Go Sailfishing With Us

This is a guest post by Jon of iFished who I have partnered with to bring you this awesome, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go on a truly great adventure (not just fishing adventure, but adventure – period 😉 )…

Join Jon from iFished, Salty and Capt. Tom Boice of Panamax Sailfishing on a fishing adventure of a lifetime in the land of the Maya. Guatemala has gained an international reputation as having one of the highest concentrations of billfish in the world. The most abundant of which is the Pacific Sailfish. In addition to prolific sailfishing it is not uncommon to raise and release Marlin. The fishery also has immense populations of dorado, yellowfin tuna, roosterfish and other inshore species.

Jon and Salty are going to be in the middle of the fishing action and you can be too. If you have ever dreamed of landing one of these trophy fish now is your chance. We have worked out a great deal with Capt. Tom to celebrate his new boat the Que Vela. Seats are limited for this truly unique fishing opportunity. The sailfishing portion of the trip will occur December 13-14, 2011. Learn more about how you can join us here.

1. Feel a Connection to Hemingway

Who wouldn't want to roll like ultimate adventurer Ernest Hemingway?

“Thus Hemingway led us onto the waters (and to the mountains and streams as well). We went to sea to test ourselves in the wild, whether it was harnessing the wind for propulsion or trolling for great pelagics. All boating, at all levels, I am convinced, is driven by our desire to reconnect with nature and its wildness, to live “the strenuous life,” if only on weekends. And like “Papa,” we saw no harm in celebrating this primal connection at the end of the day with bottles of beer and strong spirits.” -Yachting Magazine

Billfishing defined Hemingway as much as bullfighting and writing. You can experience the thrill, drama and challenge of billfishing and better understand Hemingway’s attraction to these great pelagics.

2. Live an Adventure

A life without adventure is likely to be unsatisfying, but a life in which adventure is allowed to take whatever form it will is sure to be short. -Bertrand Russell

3. Experience World Class Fishing

Guatemala, the land of eternal spring has long been known for having the world’s highest concentration of sailfish off it’s Pacific coast. Anglers regularly have shots at 20+ sailfish per day. The sailfish are so plentiful in fact that on March 11, 2006, IGFA Hall of Fame Captain Ron Hamlin set the daily release record with an unbelievable 124 sailfish.

Christmas shopping or early Christmas?

4. Ride a Chicken Bus

A chicken bus is a colloquial English name for a colorful modified and decorated US school bus and transit bus that transports goods and people between communities in Guatemala. The word “chicken” refers to the fact that rural Guatemalans occasionally transport live animals on such buses, a practice that visitors from other countries often find remarkable. Each bus is painted vibrantly with its name and permanent route.

Buses are stuffed with passengers (whenever possible) and then hard-driven to their destinations at top speed. Riding these buses on the steep highways of the Western Highlands is especially harrowing, but may be the most quintessential Guatemalan experience there is.

5. What Other Fish Can You Catch That Is Longer Then Your Fly Rod?

Since the late 1980s, catching large ocean fish on a saltwater fly rod has been an established niche game and sailfish and marlin are now being pursued by a growing legion of enthusiasts. You can join this elite group of fly fishermen.

6. Surround Yourself with Living Mayan Culture

The World of the Maya has many faces: some of them ancient as found carved on towering temples, others as modern as those of the people who live in Guatemala today. They are the descendants of the mighty Mayan people whose customs and traditions are still part of the fabric of Guatemalan life.

Guatemala is a showcase of natural history and dramatic landscapes, yet its most distinguishing asset is the rich and colorful traditions of the various ethnic communities, such as K’iché, Kaqchiquel and Achi. Each group has its own language, its special folklore, yet they share a common ancestral heritage as expressed in religion, music, dance, foods and even social organization.

7. Drink Illegal Mezcal at Cafe No Se

“I stumbled upon Cafe No Se adventuring around Antigua with a friend. This place added so much to my overall experience in Antigua. It had the feel of an expatriate bar you would find in Paris in the 1920’s…. anyone could join in on the live music, there were people talking politics with cigarettes in their mouths and passion in their voices… there were artists of all types who happened to be passing through town… modern art decks the walls. The drinks were cheap enough, the beer was good, the music was the kind that you can’t help but tap your feet to. The space is small but that added to the warm feel. For the three and a half weeks I was in town, I spent most of my nights in this bar. It was more of a meeting place than a bar and by the end of my visit to Antigua, I had met so many wonderful people in this establishment. I really hope to someday get back to Antigua, if only to have one more grand night at Cafe No Se.” – sugarbutton

8. Fish for Bass on the Most Beautiful Lake in the World

“Lake Como, it seems to me, touches on the limit of permissibly picturesque, but Atitlan is Como with additional embellishments of several immense volcanoes. It really is too much of a good thing.” – Aldous Huxley 1934

9. Get Close to Kevin Bacon

Have you ever heard of the pop culture trivia game called Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? If not, you can read about it at Wikipedia. Capt. Tom was actually Kevin Bacon’s stunt double in the movie “River Wild”. Guess what, that actually gets you within two degrees of Kevin Bacon!

10. Climb an Active Volcano and Have a Volcano BBQ

Capt. Tom will also conduct a guided trip up Pacaya Volcano for the group. After being dormant for a century, it erupted violently in 1965 and has been erupting continuously since then. Highly active Pacaya Volcano is the most frequently climbed volcano in Guatemala. It is relatively easily accessible and commonly puts on a good show for volcano enthusiasts. Then we roast some of iFished Jon’s famous homemade bratwurst over lava!!!!

Want to know about fishing in Guatemala? Read the iFished interview of Captain Tom Boice about Sailfishing in Guatemala. Also read part two of the interview Sailfish on the Fly. You can also see Some Fish Blog’s interview with Capt. Tom Sailfishing!.

Win this trip, a pair of Costa sunglasses and a Guy Harvey sailfish shirt. You have until 9:00 pm Eastern Time on November 1, 2011 to enter.

Each Fisherman on the trip has a chance to win more prizes and will recive a swag bag see details here.

Take the trip and get a deal! Capt. Tom has given us a special deal to celebrate the launching of his new boat the Que Vela. There are only 3 2 spots left. When these tickets are gone they are gone and so is your chance to be part of this adventure. Find out more here!

Tight Lines and Please Join Us
Jon, Salty and Capt. Tom



  1. This will be a once in a lifetime adventure. I hope anyone who has ever dreamed of catching one of these trophy fish has a chance to join us.
    Tight Lines

  2. I want to come:(

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